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Hi I'm Aaron

I am Aaron. I grew up in Utah and have a passionate love for photography, graphics design and being a Mormon!

About Me

I am 19 years old and am trying to make good use of the time I have. Life is starting up and I'm getting really excited about what lays ahead! Judging by the fact that you are reading this your probably a bit curious about what Mormon's are and why you should think about being one. Let me tell you a little bit about myself :) I have currently worked as a graphics designer for 2 years and have a deep, passionate love for art and design. I really love all of the Adobe programs and the amazing features and capabilities they have. Paired with my love of design is my love of beauty; god has made us an incredibly diverse and wonderful world and I can't take credit for it; but, I can take pictures of it. Photography is something that I have always found to be just way too much fun to pass up. Pair it up with photoshop and anything you can even imagine becomes a possibility! Granted the virtual world is nice and all there is still so much to explore. I love going hiking, rock climbing, swimming, biking and running until I can't go any further! Anytime difficult trails or experiences come up in life; running always gives me the freedom and peace of mind that helps alleviate the burden and let me take it on from a clearer conscience. Life is just incredible and it's only just starting. One day I'll meet that special someone and be able to take her to the temple to be married for all eternity. I don't know if there could be anything more important to me than to be with her forever.

Why I am a Mormon

Heheh, why am I a Mormon? Probably because I couldn't afford not be one. Life is hard - it just is. We are all humans, we are all curious, we all have questions and sometimes not knowing the answers can make us afraid. I am not afraid. Knowing of god's love for me, his plan for me and his relation to me is just absolutely wonderful. It's not all about me either, he has a plan just for you too :) The knowledge really is just invaluable. I know and live the Word of Wisdom so that I may have a healthy body and perfect volition. I know that my family is bound to me forever and as such I have no reason to fear death. Love always conquers fear. I know that by living the commandments I have been able to avoid situations with potentially devestating outcomes. Even the small choices, when compiled over time can have a big impact. The commandments, they aren't just rules - they're a life vest amidst this ocean of strife. Because I am Mormon I am surrounded with friends that have a high standard of living upon whom I know I can rely. Because I am Mormon I have the power of the Holy Ghost to help guide me in my life, to steer me when I'm lost at the crossroads. Because I am Mormon I have the desire to share this wonderful life with all of you; my brothers and sisters. It's really hard to express; but I know that these things are true and what they have done for me - I want you to know too. Why else am I a Mormon? Well, there's one thing that might be my favorite. Being able to be sealed to your wife for eternity. I'm 19 years old and am really excited to be at this point in life. I can't wait for the day when I can have my own wonderful family and a beautiful girl who will stand by my side through any storm. I can't exactly speak from experience yet, but I know that is something I will never want to give up. Families can be together forever; I know this and it has made all the difference ;)

How I live my faith

Well right now I'm actually a missionary, but one thing I have always enjoyed doing is working with the youth. I was an Advisor over the Young Men's group of the church and I had the opportunity to be with, learn and grow with the some of the brightest minds I have ever met. It is really incredible the amount of good that literally anyone can do for another in this world. Being in this position showed me just how incredible some of the Youth really are - the services that they render in love and adoration for their friends and family is just a wonderful example that I wish everyone could be exposed to. That's what I'm trying to do right now as a Missionary. A missionary takes two years of their life and dedicates it to the service of the lord, often being called to serve in very unfamiliar parts of the world. We don't get paid, we don't pick where we go, we choose not to watch TV or listen to radio - BUT, we DO get a warm glowing reassurance that this is worth it... nothing else compares. That fire is rekindled every time I see the amazing effects that the Book of Mormon has on peoples lives. I came from a family that has been pretty well off, but I know that I am blessed. Where I am serving now, not everyone has it as good as I did. These people are fighting in a terrible war. I see the scars and effects of the trials these people face. They need every chance they can get to come out on top, to live a life worth living, to know of true assurity that even though things are hard; god is there and he is watching over them. That's where I come in as a missionary. I go around finding people and telling them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I tell them about my experiences and they tell me about theirs. Sometimes it's hard to know what to say; it really is. But, there is one thing I know: "Whoever you ARE, whoever you WERE and wherever you're GOING - The Gospel of Jesus Christ, his love and Atonement CAN help you." It's true, I know it is. It can help *You*.