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Hi I'm Joshua

Die hard Bama football fan...Hunt, fish, play the ukulele, benched 405lbs in college, and i love my great dane. And im mormon

About Me

Grew up in the beautiful state of California, I am a die hard duck hunter, fly-fisherman, wild life conservationist, and I love my ukulele and guitar with a passion. Avid skimboarder and i love me some abalone diving. Love football, love rugby, and whatever else is considered a "contact sport". Spent a lot of my time in the weight room competing with my father, best bench press weight ive ever lifted was 405lbs.....finally beat him.

Why I am a Mormon

Ive always loved the outdoors, and being at the ocean or in the mountains has always increased my knowledge of God's love for me. The church has taught me a lot about my savior and i have prayed and recieved the witness that the Book of Mormon is true. I know it. I dont know a lot but i do know that for certain. The church has helped me in a lot of ways, for instance it made some of my college child psychology courses a breeze because of how I was taught at a young age how a family (parent child relations) should be. The knowledge that God still does speak to man today through a Prophet is a tremendous blessing to me, and it all came through simply praying and asking God, the source of all truth, what was true.

How I live my faith

I spend 11 of the 16 hours im awake riding a bike around town trying to teach others about Jesus Christ, his love, his atonement for the world, and how we can grow closer to Him. Im a happy person, which to me is the direct result of trying my best to live a Christ like life.

Why is it important for us to take care of our bodies? Why are our bodies called temples of God in the Bible?

Our bodies are gifts from a loving Heavenly Father. They are what allow us to experience all of the wonderful creations of God. And they allow us to experience some of the incredibly difficult trials that come with life, which allow us to learn and grow. Like any gift, it is not to be misused. As it says in the Bible we are temples. Temples throughout history have been a place of purity and a place where the spirit of God can dwell. Likewise our bodies should be kept pure to be a proper resting place for our spirits. When we take into our bodies things that are harmful, or that can alter our personalities even for a small moment, we abuse God's gift to us and often bring to ourselves hardships. These consequences can drain us physically and spiritually as we face perhaps a failing ability to do the things we once could, or failing relationships with others and with God. Like all commandments the commandment to keep our bodies pure is meant to keep us safe and happy. Just how a parent may warn a child not to touch a stove or an undertoe warning sign on a beach warns people about danger, it is not a restriction but a way to be happier and safer both physically and spiritually in life. Show more Show less

Why is family so important to Mormons?

I can't speak for anyone else, but my family is where all of the most important life lessons i have learned took place. As much as i appreciate the wonderful lessons of Sunday school teachers and what not, nothing can compare to what i have learned from my family. Families are where we can find safety and belonging, its where we can learn the most about whatever. The family is a gift from God to allow us support that we cant find anywhere else. Not every family is perfect, but because they are ordained of God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ can mend and or strengthen our families to the point where they are that ideal unit where we can learn and grow. Show more Show less