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Hi I'm Kahaʻiola Harders

Iʻm from Waiehu, Maui. I am Hawaiian & speak Hawaiian. I have 5 siblings, a huge family & a wonderful loving husband. 3

About Me

My name is Tanya Kahaʻiola Harders (Johnson), and was recently married and sealed for time and all eternity to my loving husband Ethan E.H.H. Harders. I was born in Boise, Idaho and lived there till the age of 5. My family and I then moved home to Maui where our family is originally from. My parents grew uo and were raised back on Maui. I grew up in a little town called Waiehu & began my journey of learning my culture and really discovering who I am. I transitioned from english speaking school to a Hawaiian language speaking school in the 3rd grade and spoke our native language fluently since then. I attended Kamehameha Schools on Maui and graduated as the 2nd graduating class in 2007. Went on to college and later graduated from the University of Hawaii at Mānoa with a Bachelor of Arts in Hawaiian Language & am currently pursuing a degree in Dental Hygiene. I love the water, beach, mountains, my culture, land, surfing, family time, eating, cooking, hanging out with friends & sharing good laughs!

Why I am a Mormon

I am humbled to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am blessed to be a daughter of God and to have witnessed and to be able to feel the light and spirit of Christ & to know that we can always be forgiven of our wrong doings because our the sacrifice that was made on behalf of all the children in the world. I was born in the Church and was raised by my parents who too grew up in the church and were sealed in the Temple. Being the second eldest child out of six children was hard at times. People feel like thereʻs always a spot light on them because their "Mormon" and the world is always looking at you and the choices you make each day. I later came to the understanding of why should I care what people think of us? Thereʻs no shame to standing up for what you believe in and what you know to be true. The feelings I have felt and the experiences I have gone through while being a member of this church has changed me and strengthened me in every aspect of life. I would not be the person I am today without the gospel of Jesus Christ. He has a plan for everyone of his children, no matter how great the sin or how long the fall, what I know and what Iʻve learned is, he is always there waiting for you to forgive you and to help you reach everything you are capable of as long as you follow in his ways and keep his commandments. He is a loving god and loves each and everyone of us. He knows us by name, knows us personally. He knows our struggles, our strengths, our weaknesses. HE is the ULTIMATE light that can cast out every shadow of darkness in this world. And to him I am forever thankful and grateful for, because without him I would be nothing. Without him I could have never accomplished and got to where I am in life today. Some think that because youʻre a member of this church that everything will be easy and there will be no trials and no suffering..... that is the biggest misunderstanding one can think of. trials are given to help us grow 3

How I live my faith

A big part of my faith is remembering the council my father would give all six of his children every day. Whether it was simply saying your prayers & reading your scriptures, I never forgot his voice and the words of which he spoke that clearly came from the love he has for us and the strength and power of his beliefs. Thereʻs not a day that goes by that I donʻt hear the voice of my father whisper in my ear, each choice & decision I make is clearly highlighted as to what I should do because of the spirit I am able to feel and carry with me. My parents are great examples of service and humility. My father served as Bishop of our ward for 6 years and was called as Bishop when I was a Sophomore in High School. Before bishop he was president of the Young Menʻs program & Ward Missionary leader. My mother also served as Relief Society President, in the Young Womenʻs program & Primary. Through every calling came great service and charity. I have seen the light of Christ change and touch so many families throughout my life and it is because of the service that was rendered and the pure love my parents have in giving and serving those that stand in need. Our family has struggled in every way you could think of & finances has never been our greatest friend. But regardless of the circumstances that were at hand, we have always managed to get through each struggle because of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ & of course our heavenly father. It is by his example that we are renewed each day and are able to have great faith in times of turmoil and distress. Never doubt the Lord. He is your greatest friend and will pull you through anything you may be going through. Never is there a time that I donʻt remember his great power and his capabilities. In the scriptures many passages share the promises our father in Heaven offers each and everyone of his children, that they can receive true happiness and glory as long as we are obedient in keeping his commandments. Be not of this world.

Are Mormons Christians?

Kahaʻiola Harders
Most people who arenʻt members of the church and have never read the Book of Mormon or the bible are subject to think that Mormonʻs arenʻt christians. Because weʻre nicknamed "Mormon" does not mean we worship Joseph Smith and believe in wild hyperboles. I respect ones opinion on something If they have clearly researched the subject and experienced it for themselves. Going off of the notion of how todayʻs world portrays Mormons does not mean that thatʻs who we are and what we believe in. There is nothing more upsetting when an individual clearly disrespects ones beliefs because of what they have heard and therefore believe they know who we are, what we believe in and what we stand for. Regardless of ones faith, you can never judge a book by itʻs cover or by the cover of itʻs other volumes and chapters. If you believe that mormonʻs arenʻt christians then you clearly have not read the Book of Mormon itself. Anti-mormon and non-LDS authorized books are not a source of answer if you Truly are seeking the real answer to this question. Itʻs like doing bad research for a college thesis using sources such as google & wikipedia. Go to the MAIN source. I challenge you to read the Book of Mormon willingly with full intent in wanting to know if Mormons are christians or not..... and after you have read this valuable book, come & tell me the answer to this question. Christ is our foundation.... we did not nickname ourselves "The Mormons" we are Christian-Latter day saints. Show more Show less