What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Chris

I'm a Mormon. I have been one all of my life. I grew up in a religiously mixed community in Denver, Colorado.

About Me

I am the father of nine children, and the grandfather of five. When I look at other families today with but a few children and the work it takes to teach, care for, and love each one I wonder at times how we have done it thus far. I love the sciences and technologies, with a greater interest in the mechanical and physical than biological fields, yet they all have various interests for me. I enjoy being able to share the things that I've learned or read about with others.

Why I am a Mormon

Even though I was raised as a member of the Mormon Church, I had to determine for myself that this was what I wanted. At a point in my life it became very important for me to find out if how I had been taught to live my life was what God wanted for not only me, but for each of his children. The Book of Mormon contains an experiment, just like a science experiment. The thing about experiments is that they need to be repeatable with the same results when the same criteria are applied. The outcome was just as it was promised, that I could receive an assurance directly from God that what I had been taught was true. From this experience I was better prepared to serve as a Missionary for the Mormon church. I knew that if others would apply the same principles and criteria of the experiment, that they too could obtain that same assurance if they would follow these same proceedures. When you live long enough, you have the opportunity to see many things play out from their beginings to their end. You have the priviledge of hearing a great many ideas, opinions, and philosophies. I have now lived long enough to determine that nothing I have seen, heard, read, or learned about offers a greater measure of true happiness to man and men, than the basic message that the LDS Church teaches. We are the children of God who has sent us into mortality to gain bodies and experiences that help increase our understanding, and help us to be more like that loving Father who sent us here. He wants us to come back to him, and to do so having learned as much about Him and his Son as we can through doing the things that a loving Savior or a Father in Heaven would do and in the way they would do it. It is the nature of aging that our sight sometimes changes, I am learning to see others through eyes that once were more judgemental than merciful. I enjoy my life and the great opportunities that come along to serve my family, and fellow man.

How I live my faith

I enjoy volunteering service to the Boy Scouts of America. I have had the opportunity to serve as an Assistant Scout Master for many years, and currently am the Cub Master for the Cub Scouts in our neighborhood. Over the years, I have seen many very good men and women who have sacrificed their two or three weeks of vacation time, to spend it at a Scout camp, where they set a wonderful tone and example to these young men. I have seen what a difference it makes in helping these young boys grow up to be better sons, finer men, husbands, and fathers to their own children. Periodically I have the priviledge of volunteering to help provide food for those who may be in need. During various times of the year I get to do things like can vegetables, fruit, and meat products in a medium sized LDS cannery. Other times I've been able to package cheese and dairy products which likewise are distributed to those in need. I especially feel good about a special milk product that we get to make and package for distribution around the world that helps to save the lives of little children who might otherwise have difficulty surviving but a few more hours or days. Sometimes I have the opportunity to volunteer to help in a meat processing facilty where we make such things as hotdogs, balogna, ham, packaged roasts, and many other products that again are made available to those who are in need of assistance. I was so impressed to see that the quality of the meat used in each product is of the highest, rather than using cheaper by-products. When I volunteer to serve helping prepare foods for those who are in need, it is as though I am being offered a personal invitation to work in Our Father In Heaven's kitchen. I can see in my mind the smiles upon the faces of children as they open those cans of corn and see that it is filled to the top, and they will have a good meal that night. I love finding ways to help my neighbors who may be overwhelmed with some life challenges.

What is the purpose of the welfare services of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

When we join the church we make promises to God about how we will live our lives, that it will be in the way that Jesus taught, to serve others. In our temples we make similar promises to God to be the best men and women that we can be. When we volunteer to help provide food, clothing, and necessities to others who are in need, and to lift up those around us, it is the way that we keep those promises. We know that we're not perfect men and women, but we strive to follow the example of Jesus and like His Father, and our Heavenly Father each day. A wonderful way to do that is by finding ways to quietly serve those around us, both other members or our church and our neighbors or fellow man. The welfare services of the church give us the opportunity to provide those things that are needed to those who may not be able to provide them for themselves, often for a short period of time while they get on their feet. When we receive benefit from those welfare services we should understand more about the spirit in which they are provided and that the purpose is to sustain life, not a lifestye. I can think of few things more Christ-like than to prepare food or necessities to those who I may never know or see. In many ways it truly is the right hand not knowing what the left hand is giving. It brings me a good feeling to know that I may have helped a family that was desparately struggling, through the little amount of service that i might have provided. Show more Show less