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Hi I'm Tara Wood

I am the mother of 5 children, I am a Massage therapist, holistic practioner, internet marketer and expert in autism.

About Me

I am the mother of 2 autistic, and 2 adhd children. I have a little of both in me and so our family kind of speaks its own language. I am an internet marketer, researcher, and holistic practitioner. Our family loves to travel, and constantly learn and meet new people, which has actually been good for us. I grew up living in many countries, I finished high school in Kenya and definietly left a little piece of my heart back there. I am currently researching some new theories that can change the autistic brain for the better, based on years of experience. I want to help others struggling with these central nervous system issues, since we have lived with it ourselves.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised by a jewish father and a buddhist mother. My grandmother was anglican, I spent living with seikhs and hindus growing up. I went on to have a muslim boyfriend in college. I always felt that God was nearby watching me, guiding me by what I called my heart guidance system. If something was true and right it would feel good, my mind would be clear and at peace. Remember I am alittle autistic and adhd so everything was in patterns, visual and feelings. I would see "pearls" when I encountered "truth". If something was the philoshiphies of men, well then my mind was dark muddled and I felt at unease. By my early 20's I had acquired a mismash of pearls from all my travls, and studies.I was invited to attend the mormon church one day by a friend, I can still remember entering the chapel and feeling paceful and warm. When the sacrament talks began I was amazed at some of the doctrine and beliefs I was hearing, these were truths that I had picked up from other religions...what were they doing in a christian church I asked? I then had a vision of all the world's religions being poured through a sieve, what came through was pure truth in its fullness with all the philosphies of man being sifted out. What came out was what I found in the mormon church. I was baptized and have never looked back 19 years later. It has changed me into a better person with a richer life I would have never thought possible.

How I live my faith

I have appreciated the support and flexibility members have given our family, since behavioursat church may not always be graceful or appropriate. Our family feels a deep connection with the saviour and heavenly father. I love that my teenager attends seminary during her school day. We have found that starting the day with spiritual grounding (we call it) prayer, reading the scriptures, pondering has helpedsome of the adhd symptoms decrease through the day. Some of the children hold teaching and other responsibilites at church which have helped their character. We really try to include heavenly father in the decision making process 24/7 and learn to be guided on a basis. It is so important when some of the issues we have dealt with have no man-made answers.