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Hi I'm Jillian Plewe

I'm an Army wife, mother of 6, political activist, community volunteer and an avid joiner in all things fun! Oh, and I'm a mormon!

About Me

After my father retired from the military I spent the rest of my young and young adult life in Central California including attending the University of California Santa Barbara as an undergraduate studying Political Science. Growing up as a mormon in California came with some trials, I was often the only one in my class. Living the word of wisdom was difficult, especially when I began to attend a large University. I often had to explain my choices and I was one of only a few with these standards. However, eventually I learned to embrace being unique. I learned to be strong and use my standards as a guide through the difficult choices in life. I was saved from many heart aches because I had the gospel to free me from the consequences of bad choices. After college I traveled the United States working in the political arena until I was ready to start a family. I married, had a beautiful baby girl, and then very quickly endured the trial of divorce. I relied on my Savior and my Heavenly Father through this time. I found peace in the message of the Gospel and in living these principles every day. After almost four years I married my sweet husband and instantly became the mother of three. Together we have added three more sweet spirits to our home. In total we have 4 girls and 2 boys; we are a busy, happy, active family and the gospel is central to everything we do. Our Savior keeps our family focused on the long term goal of living with Him and our Heavenly Father again.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was very young my mother who had been raised mormon but had not practiced for many years began attending church because she wanted to teach her children about God and she remembered the way she had felt as a young child learning about her Heavenly Father and her brother Jesus Christ while at the mormon church. My father who had never been a member was not interested in joining any church. After several years of attending with my mother my father finally began to attend as well and was converted. From that time on it was simply expcted that we would go to church every sunday and attend any other important meetings. As an 18 year old college student studying governments, philosophy, and theory, I began to wonder if there really was a God. If in fact religion was simply a tool to control the masses as many of my proffesors had believed. It took several years of studying both sides, attending church regularly but also studying the philosophies of man before I realized that "by their fruits will they be known." My testimony blossomed when I realized that in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints good work is done, people are made better, the world is a better place and that is because all of the work of this church is being led by Jesus Christ. The Holy Ghost testified of this to me on many occasions until the knowledge was undeniable and I was sure that there IS a God. That He knows each one of us, that He has work for us to do, and that He will care for and protect us throughout this life and we will be able to live with Him again in the next. I know my redeemer lives, I know that the Book of Mormon testifies of this and that if we live by Gospel principles we will find joy and peace even in hard times.

How I live my faith

Living my faith is part of every minute of the day! Our faith teaches us to serve others, to seek out the best things in life, and to raise our children to know God . I choose to serve in many ways, I'm on our HOA, the PTA board, I'm a room mom, I'm an Army volunteer, I teach youth sunday school and I visit women in my area monthly as a visiting teacher. All of these things allow me to look outside of myself and learn to love others as the Savior does. The Lord asks us to serve those in need for their good but I have often found that I am the one who most benefits when I obey. As I mentioned my husband is active duty military. He has deployed twice since 2003 for over a year each time and we recently found out he will leave again next fall. It is only because of my knowledge of the plan of salvation that I am able to cope with the trial of separation and the fear of tragedy that accompanies wartime deployments. I believe that families can be together forever through our Heavenly Father's plan. Armed with that knowledge I can be at peace during difficult times like these. Through the business of every day activities like work, sporting events, school pictures, field trips, and laundry the Gospel helps to keep me grounded. If I work to remember to be a peacemaker, be forgiving, and to be kind, I will always know joy. And as 2Nephi 25 Says "Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy."