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Hi I'm Kirk

I am a husband, father, grand father, business owner, sports fan and busy.

About Me

My wife, six children, four son and daughter-in-laws, two grand children and two dogs have a wonderful life together. We love to hang out at Lake Powell every summer and ski during the winter. We are definitely University of Utah fans, especially when they are playing BYU. We love to work hard and play hard. The playing hard would include soccer, boy scouts, performing in plays, basketball, swimming, tennis. Our best days are when we get together with family and friends and share a good meal, have great conversation or get a project completed.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised Protestant and upon going off to college I dropped out of going to church. I married the love of my life and she was Mormon and she continued to go to church by herself and with our children. I had other friends which were Mormon and they seemed to have something that I didn't. I was successful in business, great family, coaching soccer, etc. but something was missing. I talked with one of best friends and he gave me some direction on what scriptures to read and how to pray. I went out to the woods and got on my knees and asked God to tell me what to do! And what did I receive? A voice from Heaven, Thunder, Lightning? No nothing. I was waiting for this grand event and nothing. I was very disappointed to say the least. A year later, I had one son on a mission at this point and another son in college. The second son decided to go on a mission and I was still there thinking that I was missing something. Here both of my sons had the courage to get down on their knees and ask for an answer, what about me? Well I decided that if they could do it, so could their Dad! My wife wanted to go through the Temple with my second son before he went on his mission. I asked her to wait for me. What a wonderful moment in my life. My son went on a mission and sent me a scripture to read, Ether 12:6 "...faith is things which are hoped for and not seen...". I knew that I wanted to be with my family for ever and I wanted to live with my Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. I got down on my knees again and asked Heavenly Father which Church I should join? In a small still voice he revealed to me that I should join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! And I did!

How I live my faith

Before becoming a member, my son said "If Dad isn't going to Church, then neither am I". So I started attending. They gave me jobs like "Sports Coordinator, Cub Master, Scout Master", all not being a member. After joining, I loved being a teacher to high school kids, they will give you a run for your money! I try to live my live now so that I am worthy to attend the temple. That includes being honest with your fellow man. Sometimes that does not appear to be so easy in business. But it has been my observation that in the long run it is much easier to live your life this way. I also know that the center of my attention should be on the family. This keeps my life balanced and I am not out seeking the almighty dollar when I should be home. Looking back over the years, I can see a huge difference in my family and now how they are now raising their own families. Attending Church, reading scriptures, completing my callings and attending to my home teaching have kept me focused and I know that I am guided by the Holy Ghost. When I am not as disciplined, I loose that guidance and focus and sends me right back to the things I know I need to do.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

For me it took a very long time to know if Mormonism was true. I didn't have the courage to ask. What if it wasn't true and my wife, family and friends were all members? What if I didn't get an answer? What if I was not important enough to get a answer? The first time I asked, I didn't get the answer I thought I would. In fact, since I was looking for some Biblical response like voices from heaven or thunder and lightning. I got no response. However, a year later I asked again with a humble heart and my answer was given to me in a still and small voice that it was the church that I should join. I have had joy in my soul ever since. Show more Show less