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Hi I'm Brian (Beegz)

I Believe in our Heavenly King. i Love The Lord, Our Savior Jesus Christ. i do my Best and im a West Coast Mormon!! Nerds, UNITE!!

About Me

im a Major Fantasy Nerd, an Avid Reader, a Martial Arts enthusiest, a soon-to-be Fantasy Novalist and reader of several Japanese comicbook fantasies, Known as Manga. i Love the Outdoors, Love Nature because its God's Back Yard and i Love helping other People, especially with things i my self have struggled and over come.Im Legally Blind and Albino, Have Six Kadaver Ligaments (Three in each Leg) and i have numerous other challanges that He helps me overcome every single day, but only when i ask hiim to do so...... im into Video games, Hanging with friends and helping People come unto Christ and im currently in the Colorado Springs area helping those i meet grow in thier Faith in The Good Shepheard. I Love The Lord and im a stick-to-your-guns, True Blue, All-American Mormon and Member of The Lords True Church and Kingdom on the earth, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!!!! Im Brian Beger, a Brother, a Friend, A Follower of Jesus Christ, A Writer, Asuper Nerd and one who has come far and has far yet to go and i Boldly Proclaim IM A MORMON!!! and No, Im not from Utah. not all members of The Lords Church are from Utah. in Fact, all my family is from nearly everywhere in The World, EXCEPT for Utah...... Just Note, this is nothing against Utah. i just want people to know that we are from litteraly all around the world. if you can find civilized life, you can find us (and even a few not so civilized places. and that goes double for our Missionaries world wide.. HAHAHA!!)

Why I am a Mormon

i was born into The Church to two wonderful parents. they raised me based on rightious principles taught to them by those who were put into thier path by The Lord God Almighty. i STAYED in The Church because i found there was just no better way. i came unto Christ after having several nearly insurmountable challanges. i almost couldnt do anything on my own. but i turned to Him and asked for needed strength to continue, AND IT WORKED! Just like the Prophits of old always said it would. i truely know and believe that He is Risen for us and that all you must do to gain your true beliefe is ask! read Moroni 10:3-5 (from the Book of Mormon, the Best Book i ever read, EVER) the book of Enos (from the Book of Mormon) and Alma 32 (yep, you guessed it, Book of Mormon) and remember!! if the Blind Guy can do it, SO CAN YOU! my favorite thing about all this??? well, you dont have to take my word for it! ask God, Our Father in Heaven, and He WILL reveal it unto you. afterall, that IS what He did with all those who asked in the past, and its still what He does today. you can go straight to the very source of all truth: He Who Created all things, Our Loving, Eternal Heavenly Father! that is why i am now serving as A Latter-day saint Missionary in Colorado Springs area: Because i know this to be true and i want as many people to have these many great and wonderful blessings as is Possible! you can have this too!! and of this i testify in the savior Jesus Christ's Eternally Sacred Name, Amen!

How I live my faith

i try to do things as near as possible to what The Lord would ask. im not perfect, im not unfailing and im not a stiff or even remotely unapproachable. my Favorite Person to talk about is Christ. i owe all i have to Him, and so do you! after all, He could have said 'No thanks, Dad, i just dont wanna do it...' and thats it, Game over Humanity. BUT HE DIDNT! we all have freedom to choose (Or Agency) and He still had it, even when on the cross for you. THE Savior is Everything to me! without His word, or His wise servants, i would have been gone long ago. i bare my Personal Witness: He Lives! He Died for us, and was rissen for all mankind! He Loves you, and wants you to come home to Him. this, i have learned from Much trial and error. this i testify in The Name of The Savior, Jesus Christ! I AM AN ETERNAL FOLLOWER OF JESUS CHIRST!!! ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?????? also, i know these things to be true!! DO YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!?????????!?!?!?!???????????