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Hi I'm Kirbie Amelia Anne Spriggs:D

I am an LDS Mormon I am a Canadian, I love singing, joking around/LAUGHING I Love helping people/carring for others.

About Me

Well I Have just started reading the book of Mormon and I have made a goal to read the whole thing this time:D and I had asked Heavenly Father to help me do that and well now I literally can't stop reading/thinking about it3 I love the Book Of Mormon and know that it is true:D I LOVE nature and singing in the rain I love being outside and being myself and not what other people tell me I should act like;D I LOVE this gosple and I am so happy and gratful that I have the gosple in my life. I love reading and LAUGHING;p talking to people I don't know, its one of my geek things that I like to do because I really like getting to know people that I might not usually talk to on a day to day basses. I LOVE the Temple it is sooooo Beautiful and peaceful. I love art, I like to paint because when you paint, if you make a mistake you can't erase it but you can make that mistake into amaster piece3 or just through it out and start over but you would never know what you could of done with that one little mistake...

Why I am a Mormon

WHY I AM MORMON? well that is a very good QUESTION;p I was always allowed to be who I wanted to be my mom never forced anything onto me I was able to go to church if I so chose to do so, my mom stopped going to church when I was very young but she raised me on church standards but I didn't really go to church. when I was in grade 7 on Thursday Dec 18th 2008 at 7pm I was baptized but then soon after I fell away for 2 years and during those ruff two year I learned a lot and I went through a lot. I joined Seminary for the early morning classes and I really liked it but I stopped going to church on sunday then one day missionarys stopped at my house not know that we were member because they never saw me at church on sundays so told them that I go to seminary but not interested in going on sundays. so then they left and that next wednesday I was asked to be a class president in young womans and so I asked them what my responsiblity's would be and what i was supposed to do and so they said "Oh just this and that, Oh and you should start going to church on sunday and so I thought about it for awhile and I agreed that I would do it.I KNOW and BELIEVE that this church is true and the the Book Of Mormon is true I love this gosple and it has gotten me through some of the most trying times of my life I am so gratful to have the true gosple of Jesus Christ on the earth today and in my life and I am so gratful to have the abilty and the willingness to share the gosple to everyone I meet:D

How I live my faith

I am in Young Womans which is like a youth group thing in our church I love going to young womans and hanging out with my friends there that I don't always get to see because they live far away from me or we don't go to the same school... we do a lot of fun activitys and we just really LOVE one another and enjoy the times that we get to spend with each other:D I'd have to say that seminary is my favorite...(I'm a morning person) Seminary is like a scripture study class we have a class everyday for an hour. I really enjoy this youth program because we talk about the scriptures and put our own point of veiw on things and i really enjoy thinking out ways to bring my point across so that people can understand... most people can't speak KIRBIE. LOL Just Kidding umm but yeah I really like the youth programs I hope that someday I get a calling to teach in one of those programs because they are soooo MUCH fun:D At school theres a lot of swearing and just a hole bunch of stuff that I just don't want to be around me. I know that I have amazing friends because they respect the fact that I don't want that stuff around me and they are just amazing people and I hope the best for them. but this year I don't really have any of my friends in my classes so thats not awesome but I now that even when you feel like you are alone in this world just remember that Heavenly Father is always near and He hears or prays and He truly does care about us...I LOVE Heavenly Father:D

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Kirbie Amelia Anne Spriggs:D
No! we help and donate all over. service is a really big part to us and our life style. we often go as wards and branches to help other people out in communitys around us. and there are programs with in our church that are humanitarian programs and they go to different countrys to help the locals there. In John 12: 26 it says" If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honour. I like this sripture because you know when we are in the service of or friends or just people around us we are in service to him. and i think that by serving one another is just a small protion to give back to Jesus Christ for all that he has done for us here upon thy earth. I don't remember who had said this but someone said it... "when you serve one another you gain love for one another." And I can testify of this because I have served many people before and I will continue to do so, but everytime that I serve others I truly do gain so much love and respect for those people... Show more Show less