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Hi I'm Gary

I was born in a quonset hut, son of a dairy farmer and grew up in the mountainous town of Palmer, Alaska. I am a Mormon

About Me

Six of my eight children were born in Alaska. Our first daughter, died at birth. Family life has been one of my greatest joys in life. Each child, with a distinctive personality, has added to my pleasure as their father. Aside from my family, enjoying the outdoors has been one of my passions. My wife and I have started a tour business a few years ago and love sharing our beautiful surroundings and home with others. Several family outings have taken in our mountainous natural surroundings. A favorite spot has been Hatcher Pass. The road follows a boulder-filled clear-water stream as you ascend with mountains on either side. Atop the pass, is a gold mine that began operation in the thirties. During the winter, skiing, snowboarding and tubing have been favorite activities for my wife, an avid skier and our children. My wife, children and I have built the home we now live in. A ten-year project from start to completion, we are happily enjoying the fruits of our labors with a beautifully finished home. A five star plus energy rating makes the makes the long, cold and dark winters ever more pleasant a the radiant heat in all of the floors. I enjoy life and want to live it to the fullest. In winter, I love gazing at the night sky with the constellations and the glorious northern lights. In summer, I am apt to take my wife and together we swim in the nearby Matanuska lake.

Why I am a Mormon

My faith is extremely important to me. I know that God, our Heavenly Father lives, that he hears and answers prayers, and that He loves us as His spirit sons and daughters. His Son, Jesus Christ is the savior and redeemer of mankind. He suffered for our sins and died on the cross that we might live again and have a more glorious resurrection through obedience and good works. God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ appeared to the boy Joseph Smith in the spring of 1820 in answer to his humble prayer of which of all the churches were right. He was told to join none of them. The boy Joseph Smith was prepared to become a prophet of God. This is an example that the heavens are not closed and is evidence that God speaks to man today as He has in ancient times. There is a living prophet on the earth today, like Moses of the Old Testament. God reveals His word and His will through him. The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints is as the church in ancient times with twelve living apostles and a prophet who are directed by the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. It is His church. It is on the earth today. Man is not left alone. We have help today to help raise our families. New scripture has come forth, namely The Book of Mormon. It is true. It is another witness of Jesus Christ along with the Bible. I have read it many times. It is wonderful. It has been translated only once. I know it is of God. I love reading it. It is about God's dealings with his people anciently in the Americas. Reading it brings me closer to God and builds my faith in Jesus Christ. It makes me want to be a better person. It promises great blessings as we press forward with faith in Jesus Christ and live the commandments of God. It gives me a greater hope. Another great blessing, is knowing that I can be together with my wife and family in the hereafter. How wonderful it is for me to know that, to be sure. I take comfort in knowing that I can be with my wife and children whom I dearly love, forever.

How I live my faith

As music is one of my passions, I have had many opportunities to sing solo or with my daughters, sons and others. Organizing and arranging the music and how a hymn or other special arrangements were to be sung, I found most invigorating and enjoyable. Sacred music, above all other music is to me, like saying a prayer, where my deepest feelings and emotions of faith are expressed in a pleasing way. My hope is that the music will uplift my listeners, but most importantly be, pleasing to God. I and my family have enjoyed helping in the community by participating in the annual spring clean up of the area in which we live. Roadways and streams have been our focus. We love the area in which we live and want to do our part to keep it clean and attractive for our enjoyment and also for those who visit. Of interest to me, has been that of working with local ministers to foster good relations by meeting on a regular basis to talk of common community concerns. After a local forest fire, we were able to work together as a community of faith, to restore homes, clean up property and assist homeless families in a relief effort. Clothing and other supplies were collected and distributed through our church. Cutting down the charred remains of trees with a chain saw on one property, and repainting a house on another, were activities in which I was personally involved. If was wonderful to be able to come together to help our neighbors at such a perilous time. The natural family is one thing that I believe in. God has ordained marriage between a man and a woman. I have taught my children by having daily family prayer and scripture study. That the commandments of God are still in force today and as important as they were anciently has been emphasized in our home. I have taught my children to be honorable, honest and upright citizens and to respect and obey both the laws of God and man. All of my children, excepting the youngest, are married and the youngest son is serving a mission.