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Hi I'm Cory

I love going on a weekly date with my wife. I am always looking for a new family activity. I enjoy learning and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have various hobbies. The trick is finding time to pursue them. I enjoy jogging, skiing, gardening, and cooking. Recently I have had a good time taking and sharing digital photos. My wife and I have a large family and we are the parents of six amazing children. We are entering a transitional period in our family when our oldest children are now adults and they are living out of the nest. They have enrolled in university studies away from home or they are serving as missionaries for our church. It’s taking a little getting used to when we sit down for dinner and there aren’t eight plates to fill. I have tried to appreciate each stage of life our family is experiencing from bottles and diapers to dating and graduations. Frankly, despite the ups and downs of life, finding joy within our family hasn’t been difficult. It isn’t uncommon for the noise level in our home to increase when we are together. We have a good time razzing each other, and laughing about our quirkiness. I am so appreciative that I am married to a loving, talented, and forgiving wife! My children are great examples to me, and I learn from them all the time. I’ve worked in the financial services industry for nearly two decades. I take pleasure in my work and strive to do my best every day. Like many others, I have experienced job losses due to changing economic conditions in the US. I have found that my faith helped me approach job searches optimistically, and I have been blessed to provide for my family.

Why I am a Mormon

I feel fortunate to have been reared by parents who were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also known as Mormons. From my earliest recollection, I have believed in God. I knew that my prayers were heard and answered. I had a desire to have my early faith confirmed as I grew older. I really wanted to know for myself if the teachings I was learning in my home and at church were true. I studied the scriptures, the Bible and the Book of Mormon, and I prayed and asked God for the Holy Ghost to confirm the truth to me. I did receive a confirming witness that Jesus Christ is my Savior and that His church has been restored. I know that God loved us so He sent His Son, Jesus. I came to understand that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ and that it is sacred scripture recorded by ancient prophets comparable to the Bible. The last prophet in the Book of Mormon promised that all who read the book and sincerely desire to know if it is true will receive a witness from the Holy Ghost that it is true. I am grateful that God allows each of us to know truth for ourselves, and we don’t need to rely on others telling us to believe what they say. I know that Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet to restore the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to translate the Book of Mormon. Prophets were called by God anciently, such as Abraham, Moses, and Isaiah. Prophets have been called of God again in our day. Their central mission is to teach and testify of Jesus Christ. The authority to administer sacred things has been restored. This means that all ordinances such as baptism can be valid on earth and in heaven, and will be recognized eternally because they were done by proper authority. This proper authority also makes it possible for families to be together forever.

How I live my faith

The New Testament in the Bible teaches that our Savior, Jesus Christ, “went about doing good”. It also teaches that Jesus is our perfect example. I am striving every day to follow my Savior and to do the right things for the right reasons. I have my shortcomings and challenges, but I am encouraged that I can keep improving as I exercise faith in Christ. I want my family to know that I love them. In order for them to know that, I try to spend time with them and support them in their activities and interests as much as possible. I believe that the home is a sacred place for families. We have gathered together to pray as a family and to read scriptures on nearly a daily basis. These practices have helped our home to be a place of peace and inspiration. As a parent, especially of teenagers, but really of children of all ages inspiration is needed and appreciated. We aren’t perfect, but we do try our best to get along with each other. Attending church weekly has been very important for our family. We have all benefited from service rendered by caring leaders and teachers. Through the years, as a member of my local congregation, I have enjoyed teaching young children, teenagers and adults. I have also been able to participate in providing service to my neighbors. Helping others brings great joy. Not too long ago our congregation volunteered to pick-up yard waste for our whole neighborhood as the summer growing season ended. We had a good group of volunteers working together gathering and disposing of yard waste left at the curbside of homes. It was a great day of service and friendship.