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Hi I'm Jenny

I'm a wife, a mother, a friend

About Me

I remember when I was 9 years old, I would stare into the wall, at my cartoon posters, cycling through the same questions, and wishes to the imaginary characters, just wishing I could live a different life or be a different person, because then, I could be happy... Then the breaking pivotal point in my youth, when that higher part of myself faught back, saying: no! If you want a great life for yourself, you have your choice, you can go and create that kind of life. Go find it! And that is why I am here today, sharing why I am a Mormon. One of my favorite things about being a mormon is the emphasis i am given to use my time to do this one thing which allows for me to really discover what i am capable of, and stretches me beyond what I could do on my own. After living my life with this one principle, I have experienced the greatest joys of my life...That one thing, is to serve others. .

Why I am a Mormon

I was 14 years old, I was so alone, holding back tears every moment, just trying to concentrate on doing the next thing. In contrast, my sister lived the same life as mine, but her results were so different. I saw her going through a dark time, like I did, and then suddenly that she began changing. Her smiles grew wider, and her voice grew even softer every week! I've never seen anything make her live so good! There was one thing she did, that up to that point, I had refused to do. She went to The Church of a Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I remember the first Sunday I went with her. I sat watching all these full grown adults, all polished for their meeting, for what? For who? To bow their heads so child like, in deep thought, connecting with who they called their Heavenly Father. I felt of their goodness, and their genuine kindness. I could see that they knew of something Deeply that I had only touched the tip of the iceberg. I committed to get know my Heavenly Father, and my life today is full of light and brightness, because of it.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by kneeling to talk with my Heavenly Father each morning and night. I share with Him what I admire so much about the work and glory which He performs each day. I also share with Him the desires of my heart, and ask for His help to achieve the goals I set out to do each day: being patient, being kind, speaking with gentleness... I love learning about Jesus Christ by studying the words of living prophets, and learning from God's communication with his children in the Book of Mormon.

What is being a Mormon like?

I am soo happy being a mormon. I'm so happy because I have stronger ties with my family and with everyone I meet because of the knowledge that God is my Father, and I am his daughter. I know that every person I meet or see is my brother or sister. Everyone I am surrounded by is a part of my heavenly family. I get to live every day finding within me, through Christ's infinite love, how to be even more kind, even more caring, even more compassionate, with every relationship I build. Being a Mormon to me, means living my life to the fullest. It means having all access to the greatest source of pure love, and learning from the greatest being who could ever exist: learning from my Heavenly Father, who takes me by the hand every day, to have a Daddy daughter date. I love having a life that is full with joy- a pure joy that will last forever. I love knowing that life is never ending, that there is life beyond the time when my body dies. I have an even brighter future ahead, because the best is yet to be. Being a Mormon means Living with no regrets - taking my chance to learn about, and love God today. It is through my relationship with him that I have matured to know how to best love myself, love others, and to love my future even more. Show more Show less