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Hi I'm Nathan

I'm an electrical engineer working for a large tech company. I hold a PhD and love truth. I'm a father, husband & Mormon

About Me

I have always loved electronics and started experimenting with circuits at an early age. The choice to study electrical engineering was natural for me, and I wasn't satisfied with my formal education until I had completed a PhD. I now work in research and development for a large tech company, and I love it! I married my best friend before we started our senior year of college. We chose to have children while I completed graduate school and had 3 kids before I finished. While some may think a family can slow you down in graduate school, I found the opposite to be true: without the love, support, and motivation my family provided me, it would have taken me longer and I wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly so much! The Lord provided me with many opportunities to meet our basic financial needs while pursuing my education. Woodworking is my favorite hobby! I love to build furniture or whittle a carving with my hands. I built a grandfather clock from scratch while still in high school. I'm excited to be slowly building my woodworking shop to become a great "man cave" in future years. I love the outdoors. My family and I enjoy camping, hiking, and swimming together. My quest for knowledge didn't end when I graduated. I continually seek to better understand the laws of nature and the doctrines of Christ. I believe the two compliment each other and come from the same source: a loving Heavenly Father.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for two reasons: #1: It makes sense to my mind #2: It feels right in my soul. Concerning #1: The doctrine of Christ as taught in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a logical, comprehensive doctrine. Other churches and philosophies certainly teach portions of the truth, but only here do I find a complete picture containing all the puzzle pieces of God's plan for us. The creation of the world and mankind was not a lucky explosion. As scientists come closer to understanding the laws of nature and the way these were applied to form our universe, this in no way disproves the existence of a Creator! On the contrary, God has given to men some of His knowledge, piece by piece, little by little. The more I learn, the more I marvel at His greatness. Science teaches that matter cannot be destroyed; it simply changes form. Likewise, our existence did not begin with birth, nor does it end with death. God sent us to the Earth He created so we could learn and progress. He knew we could only progress through applied knowledge of His plan for us, so he gave us prophets to guide us. The heavens are not closed! It makes no sense that God would cease to speak to man after a certain period of years. Christ came to teach us through example and word what our Father in Heaven is like, Christ being the literal offspring of God. Through Christ's atonement, we can be forgiven and receive the mercy we all need to return to our Father. Those who die without the knowledge of the savior can learn it in the life to come. Life does not end with death, neither do learning and progression! Concerning #2: Through prayer and study, the Spirit of the Lord has witnessed to me that I belong to the only church on the Earth established by God. This allows me to continue in confidence and faith, knowing that someday I will clearly understand all that may not be clear to my mortal mind.

How I live my faith

I strive to incorporate the teachings of Jesus Christ into my daily life. I try to be courteous and helpful to those around me. I try to treat everyone with respect, even if we have little in common. I am human, so I often don't speak or act the way I know I should. But, I am slowly working on becoming a better person by living according to the teachings of the Master. Because I believe I belong to the church that God Himself established, and because I believe my ecclesiastical leaders are inspired by Him, I happily give my time to build the church and serve where asked. Recently I served as cubmaster for the Cub Scout pack sponsored by our congregation. I have no sons, and some coworkers found it peculiar that I would devote my time to this position without having a vested interest (i.e., a son in cub scouts!). However, I find that I'm happiest when I give of my time to serve others. I felt much happier on pack meeting nights than when sitting at home "entertaining" myself with movies or hobbies. I have also served in Boy Scouts and in our church's organization for men. Another position I enjoyed was a clerical position for our congregation -- keeping track of addresses, phone numbers, and service positions of the members of our congregation.