What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Joel

I'm a son, brother, cousin/ nephew, friend, warrior, poet, musician, runner, philosopher, and artist. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a 17 year old "man-trapped-in-boy's-body" in a family of four with a love of the arts. I'm the proud adopted son of a nurse and an English-major. I don't know who my birth parents are or were, because I was adopted at less than a week old. I can't complain about the life I've been given at the expense of my parents, because I have all and more than I can ask for. I'm the oldest between me and my brother who was also adopted. I can be someone who can be easily associated with due to my diversity of activities. Besides school I am learning to use all the swords of the world starting six years ago with the foil. I'm a violinist and love it. I've written poetry often even though I don't publish it. I love the masquerade and the life of the gentleman. And I'm an avid believer in journals. To the annoyance of my brother, I am a politician and I love my country. My brother is tough to the core, unlike his soft-heart-sibling, and I and he are the best of friends and the most avid debaters in the house.

Why I am a Mormon

...Because God didn't give up on me. I was born into the church, some people might argue was the reason, but up until I was 13 I did not know what I believed. I just followed the crowd. I had a my moment of truth when someone asked the question: "who are you". It wasn't asked specifically to me, but I felt like I had no idea, I wanted to know. I read the Book of Mormon and part of the Old Testament looking for help. Eventually I was on my knees begging my Father in heaven to please tell me who I was and what I stood for. After my prayer I just felt peace. It wasn't overwhelming. It was a small, but I did feel it. Shortly after I was reading a magazine released by the Church and found an article about same thing. The young lady in the article said "I didn't have the Spirit wash over me like everyone described, but I felt and saw the promise answered in everyday events." I found that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to be true, not by a huge event, but little by little. That is why I'm a Mormon. Because God loved me enough to give me an answer in a way that would both humble me and teach me, I became converted with a sure knowledge that by small things, great things come to pass. I know this church is true, I know that the Book of Mormon is God's word in these last days. I know without a doubt that God loves us all, His children. I know that Christ redeemed us so that we can live again with our Father in heaven. And this declare in his name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

How I live my faith

My faith I live in any way I can, whether calling or commandment, I choose to accept and try to live. I'm a secretary for the 16-17 year old youth. Which in and of itself can be a challenge. I'm a teacher of families in my ward and I love doing service when the opportunity arises. I go to school and find the only real peace of mind in seminary. I find violent language at every turn and am appalled at some of the things people talk about. The peace I receive when I go to seminary and church are irreplaceable in my life and the things I learn when I go give me a understanding of the world around me that I otherwise wouldn't get. I love to learn everything, except how to be popular because after high school it's useless.

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

A testimony is our statement that we tell the world what we believe in. For us as members of the "Mormon" faith, it is our declaration that we know what we believe is true. Many of us have had personal testaments from the third member of the Godhead (the Holy Ghost) about the doctrine we profess and know to be true. The foundation of our testimony is that every man, woman and child on this earth is a member of a family, God is our Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ is our older brother who sacrificed himself to save all of us from our sins, and that the Holy Ghost is the teacher of such. Another important part to us is that Joseph Smith restored the Church in its fullness after he had seen the Father and the Son in a vision and received the gold plates (what is now the Book of Mormon) and other keys and principles that were originally had back when Christ's Church was still upon the earth. Show more Show less

What is the Church’s position on abortion?

Unless it is necessary for your life, or the conception was caused by rape, the first presidency "counsels it's members not to submit to or perform an abortion....". And even if the conception was caused by rape or if the pregnancy can cause trauma, we are counseled to discuss the matter with our presiding priesthood leader and pray about it. Only after we receive an answer are we to act. I'm a product of this decision. Pro-choice or no, believe it's your choice or no, I'm alive and a being on this earth because my birth-mother chose to go through with the pregnancy and here I am. I fight for all the blood of children like me, but never got the chance to choose for themselves. Show more Show less