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Hi I'm Peter

I am a Rugby Union player, a Father, a Husband, and I'm a Mormon

About Me

I love to play rugby with my mates, as there is such a great feeling being involved in team sports. Being able to play hard on the field and then share a laugh after the game with the opposition is why I love the sport of Rugby. I am a father to a wonderful boy who loves to wrestle and throw the ball around with me any chance he gets. What a wonderful feeling to have someone who loves you just for who you are. I also enjoy reading and watching true stories as well as just hanging out with whoever will put up with me. I have such a wonderful wife who for the most part has to put up with two kids in the house. I also enjoy helping anyone who is struggling with any of life's problems.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because living in a world that is scary and on an aimless path of trying to prove everything wrong doesn't sit well with me. I have not always been active in my faith when I was a teenager due to struggles I had about where I was going after this life?. Teachers at school would tell me that evolution is true and that the earth was formed from a big bang?. But scientist have from the beginning tried and failed in their quest to shut down God. I came to a knowledge of the truth when I was 18 years old that we will all live again when this life ends. Learning about God and Jesus Christ have not only quashed my naive thoughts but strengthened my testimony that the work I am doing in the church is the right path to take. Science will tell you that we are all monkeys and that the world was created by a big bang, let me tell you that if we were all monkeys than why are there still monkeys? where did we get our language from and why can't we speak monkey? even the darwin theorists don't agree on there own texts how are we meant to believe them?. God and Jesus Christ have and always will be the same, yesterday and forever never changing to suit what the world says we should. That is why I believe as there is direction in our lives we just have to chose to live the higher law and not conform to what the media tells us what is cool or fact. Having a knowledge of families being sealed for time and all eternity is the most glorious and splendid gospel ordinance we can partake in. I wish all of you to take upon yourselves Moroni's promise and find out for yourself if the church and the Book of Mormon are true. What a blessing it is to have an inspired text to complement the Bible that Jesus Christ lives and will come again. Our Church encourages all to find out for themselves and not to take our word that it is true. I am a father, husband and a rugby player and I'm a proud Mormon.

How I live my faith

I have been involved in sporting clubs since I was a young lad but rugby is my favourite sport. Being involved in a team sport that has the outward impression of being rough and tough after games or at trainings I often find myself answering questions about why don't I drink alcohol?, or why don't I come to the club when they have topless servers at the club. The answer is simple do any of those things bring me closer to God or closer to my family, not at all. I always tell my friends who ask me why I don't drink, and I tell them take religion out of it and then give me 10 things I can do from drinking that I can't do from not drinking, the answer is always the same socialise, meet people, be with mates, I say I can do all of those without drinking and save money as well. the only thing we all could agree on is a hangover haha but who wants that anyway. I have had in my time in the church seen many miracles happen where I thought all hope was lost and seen the hand of the Lord in action touching people and inspiring a generation to believe and reach to others. I have not always been so strong on the faith but the day I made the change to return and serve the Lord on two year mission was the best two years of my life up to that point, as it has taught me to be a better person and to help others just like the Saviour has done all of His life. What an example to follow and I'm so blessed I belong to the Lord's only true Church on the earth.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

We don't worship Joseph Smith, we are just grateful for all that he did so that we can know more about the mysteries of God Show more Show less