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Hi I'm Merril

I was born and raise in Utah. I've been a store clerk, an electrician, a rancher, and a pharmacist.

About Me

I often feel like George Bailey in "It's a Wonder Life" because it has been. I have raise some of the best children in the world. They all have college degrees. One is an architect, one is a veterinarian, one is a graphic artist. and one is a teacher. I grew up in the 50's and 60's, which I believe, was the gold age of America. In my youth I learned to ski. I had a great Job as an adolescent. I worked and earn my own money to buy my own car and extra out of house concerns. I received a degree in college as a pharmacist. I owed my own pharmacy for a short time. I've worked as a pharmacy director in a small hospital. I've ran three other pharmacies as their manager, two were major retailers. I worked as an electrician for two years and enjoyed the schooling and the work. I've work as a ranch manger on a family ranch where we started a hay field from scratch, increased the herd from 10 cows to 84 cows, built barns, sheds and corrals, and enjoyed being with nature. We, (my wife and I) are now about to serve the Lord as couple missionaries for "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints".

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon first because I was born a Mormon. I am a Mormon most importantly because I have found to my convincing that Jesus Christ is, the way , the truth and the life. I belief that He talked to the boy Joseph Smith and restored His gospel again to the earth in it's fullness. When I've been confused and had my small doubts about this church, I have reflected on the time the Savior spoke with Peter after many of His followers left him. He explained to His follows He was the bread of life . At this time the Savior turned to Peter and ask. "Will ye go also." Peter responded and said where shall I go thou hast the words of eternal life. I have visited with many of different views and read and searched other religions, philosophies and beliefs. And I would be grateful if all men would embrace the sanctity of mankind and a divine creator and follow the even the most singular of human interaction. That would be honesty in dealing with whomever one meets. But sadly even with the multitudes of beliefs even this one value is not lived among the children of men. And it is not lived universal in my own faith. Honesty and all the values of divinity are however emphasized within the restored gospel. I can not find anywhere among all that I have witness where goodness of character is taught, where expectation of a quality character in its highest form is declared, and where a prophet will dictate that "This is what the Lord requires", except within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Even though these tenets are found in other value systems, I feel they are taught here, as found in the scriptures, (not as the scribes and pharisees, but as one having authority.). I believe that the authorized,organized church of the resurrected Lord, is this Church named for Him. I have read the Book of Mormon and often hoped for a manifestation from God that it was true. (Such as Paul the apostle.) But the spirit of God told me, these are the words of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

I believe that how I live my life is the total expression of my faith and belief. I've had the great opportunity to serve the Lord as a Scout Master, primary teacher, and most of all a Home Teacher. I've tried to help and support those that have left the some of the off shoots religions of the LDS church, (apostates). All the people I teach our special to me and most have special concerns. One family has have numerous health concerns after various accidents. One is blind. One had left the apostate group. One was living a run down area in a trailer and have various concerns with items not being taken care in her home . This person had a stoke and was partially paralyzed on one side of her body. So their needs were great. And I witness greatness in them in overcoming trials and adversity. When serving as a scout master most of the patrol was not members of our church and I was so grateful for the standard of scouting, that gave these young men a compass to manhood. Many had come out of homes and environments that would leave these young men without goals and opportunities to achieve the best in life. The very language and thoughts that they had were repugnant and repulsive. As I worked with these young men however, I could see that at least they knew there was a better standard to live by in our Country, Community, and in the home. I have also been humble to serve as leader in my various (small congregations) Wards. I served as one of the three leaders over our Ward. I have witness many people accept the challenge of the Savior and change their lives to conform with the principles he taught. Many have forsaken their bad behavior (sins) and have strived to keep God's Commandments. One was an alcoholic. One was a boxer. One was a ex-military thinking of be coming a mercenary. The one thing I have learned, is the Lord is always waiting with out stretched arms to receive all and extend to all his mercy and blessing.

What do Mormons believe about the nature of God?

Throughout the scriptures we read where God is referred to as our Father-in-Heaven. If we follow that thought we will come to the conclusion that we are literally the off-spring of God. In the Bible in the book of Psalm it tells in chapter 82 verse 6 "Ye are Gods; and all of you are children of the most high." Knowing what our Father is like, helps us to understand that we have imbedded in us the same characteristic as He has and as we choose to follow the divine nature within us we understand what and who is He. Of course in this earth life we will never understand all that is God. To be able to set the Universes in motion, to understand the consequence of each action physically, emotionally, and mentally, and to be able to set in place, just the life cycles of this planet, is beyond any human. He is all powerful, all knowing, and comprehends all His creations. He is from everlasting to everlasting. Show more Show less