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Hi I'm Chris Lovely

Once, I was simple, seeking out the extraordinary. Now, i'm extraordinarily seeking the simple.

About Me

From the small foot hills of the great Willamette Valley, Oregon, one can experience in awesome wonder the majestic beauty of mother Earth. In my youth, I took great advantage of the opportunites available. I can recall the numerous times drifting afloat along the river or cliff jumping from defying heights into pristine crystal water, hiking unbeaten paths up mountain sides, walking mindlessly through relentless rains, standing amongst the mighty Pacific Ocean, and stargazing the infinite heavens. I'm a 25 year old father of two precious sons. My wife and I have deep happiness from those two sparks of joy. I work full time in the emergency room at the local hospital, while attending college pursuing a carrer in the nursing field; hoping that later I may support my family through medical school. I love being apart of God's church, even The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Amen-

Why I am a Mormon

My quest for happiness and joy amongst the things of the world became very short lived when I found myself consumed with great sorrow and despair. Pleading for help, for hope, for happiness; drowning in my own misery with hours and days of weeping, I called unto the Lord. He answered my prayers. Alone, a knock came from my apartment door. I noticed the bicycle helmets and heat beaten smiling faces as there stood two white shirts and two name tags. I was baptized a month later, August of 2009. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord had both heard and answered my prayers. Now, when the discussion of one Joseph Smith and this "Book of Mormon" came about, you can rest assure I felt a little hesitant. It did not last long because of the immense feeling that had come over me. Something most sweet, calm, and peaceful, a peace I had never felt before in my life, filled my soul with a knowledge most profound. I knew that it was indeed of God and that the things these two, young missionaries said were true. Since that day forward I continued forth the quest to put these truths to the test. I will testify with everything I possess that the Book of Mormon, which is another testiment of Jesus Christ, is in fact the word of God. That Joseph Smith indeed was and is a prophet of God. That God is at the head of this chruch and by divine revelation has declared it's name unto all nations, kindreds, and tougues; by the power and authority given and distributed to those called to do his work. God has appointed a living prophet in these the latter days with the keys of the kingdom of heaven to guide the work of the master, feeding his sheep that all may truely know that Jesus is the Christ, the savior of all mankind, and that through him all may have eternal happiness in his father's house. I so declare as an imperfect man that these eternal truths which are everlasting, are true. In the holy name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

My faith is the most essential foundation of my existence. I strive to put aright the things in my life that bring me closer to God my Eternal Heavenly Father by drawing near unto my Lord and Savior, even the master, Jesus Christ. I endeavor to be a light and example to others that they may feel of the love and divine reality that the gospel of Jesus Christ is more than just mere reasonable morals, that infact it is the light, life, and truth to all of mankinds' questions concerning our existence. My faith in the Lord enables me to act and not be acted upon. As I strive to act, the Lord blesses me to advance and continue in His great work; that all his children might have joy in this life and the next.

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

Chris Lovely
Say you just spent your day cleaning your carpets or waxing you hardwood floors and someone knocks at the door, you notice immediately that they have heavy mud laden boots; a kind of filthiness that is appalling to the very thought of those boots entering into your home of which you just spent in great effort to clean. I am certain that you would have that person know that in order to enter your house you would expect those boots to me removed and or cleaned very well. We all have a little dirt on our shoes that need cleaned. Some however have on the heavily, swamp mud laden boots that will take much longer and much more effort to clean. The Lord too, has strict rules and guidelines that must be obeyed and fallowed in order to enter into his holy house. Holliness is the very essence of His house, in which sacred ordinances and covenants are performed and made, done in accord to His laws, standards, and expectations. "Cleanliness is next to Godliness," therefore no unclean thing, by his standards may enter in. Show more Show less