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Hi I'm Chase Stephen Wills

I grew up in the Sunshine State. I'm a professional drummer and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

The best description given of me thus far came just a few weeks ago: A friend of mine said, "You are a contradiction...and I love it!" I am a video game nerd and a sports buff. I was a banker and a metal drummer. Basically, I have discovered that life is meant to be enjoyed! Specializing in talents is a good thing, of course...but I like to try new things daily! Who knows? I might be missing out on something that I can incorporate into who I am. I am not an 'average' Mormon, I suppose. I cherish my beliefs, but I also find that my beliefs support a broader horizon regarding learning and experiencing what life has to offer. God has given us everything, and I hope to experience as much of it as I can!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon for three simple reasons: First, I know that it is true. I have studied the doctrines and claims, which I have discovered to be both overwhelmingly accurate and logical! Beyond logic, I have also prayed. I have received a witness and confirmation from the Holy Spirit. What more could I ask for? Second, I am a Mormon because the Church invites me to ACT on what I know. I live this Gospel with all my heart. I am encouraged and commanded to BE the person that the Savior asked me to be. I live Christianity instead of merely speaking about it. I have made MANY mistakes, of course. The beauty is that when I do make an error, this Church encourages me to rise above and be a little better. Third, this Church is completely focused on the family and eternal relationships. I have suffered the loss of my father and one of my dearest friends. Those experiences dealt painful blows to my personal happiness in my earlier years. BUT, the Gospel of Christ brought me the assurance that I would see them again. I know my family will continue into the eternities. I know for a fact that I will see my friend again and we will have a joyful reunion.

How I live my faith

I live my faith through action. I love to serve and participate in the community as much as possible. I am a full-time missionary for the Church, which puts me in contact with several wonderful people each day! I try to share a message of love and hope with everyone who is willing to listen. I try my best to bring a light into the lives of people who are confused, sad, or lonely. I feel that everyone needs a helping hand, so why not reach out my arm and give them the support they need? I live my faith in this way because I know what it is like to feel alone. I also happen to be my own worst critic. In spite of that, I still tend to lack humility! Why do I mention this? Through Christ, I am overcoming these things. I want others to know that change is possible. I want them to know that there is hope and help coming (and it isn't as distant as they may suppose)! I want others to see through my life that they can achieve something wonderful, in spite of their weaknesses.

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

Chase Stephen Wills
We definitely believe in the Bible! 100%! I know it is true. I cherish the scriptural messages and insights that are gained from it. The Savior's ministry is so beautiful, and without the Bible, we would lose SO many precious truths. The Bible is wonderful, but unfortunately it has been re-translated countless times, which in some cases have removed verses and books of scripture from the canon, which is very unfortunate for all of Christianity. This is a key reason why we cherish the Book of Mormon so much as well, as it was translated only one time, so the wording is as close to the original as it could ever get. The Bible and Book of Mormon are my life. I need them both daily. They support each other, they go hand in hand. Both edify each other and bring us closer to our Savior. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

Chase Stephen Wills
The purpose of life is really simple, but is also extremely personal to each of us. Let me start with the basic idea before I make it more relevant to YOU. Life (mortality) is a time for us to receive a physical body and be tested. What's the test? Don't worry, it's not a written exam. We have a Heavenly Father who knew that if we were never given the opportunity to choose between good and evil for ourselves, we would never learn or grow. That's why we are here, in broad terms...to learn to follow God with ALL our heart, even when He doesn't seem to be present (that's why faith is essential). We have the ability here on Earth to choose for ourselves, without God forcing us to do anything. When we make a decision, we then (hopefully) learn from it, which will in turn help us make even better future decisions. We cannot choose our consequences, obviously, which is why it so vital that we try our hardest to live righteously. One bad choice could result in a whole chain of bad events. As we learn and grow, we understand our Savior better, appreciate His Atonement more, and become more like Him. That's the basics. Now how does this apply to YOU? Well, for me, I am a drummer. Heavenly Father obviously has a purpose and a goal for ME with my drumming career. Our talents, skills, and gifts are all unique to us in our journey to become more like Christ. We must develop them and use them as He would, so that we can help others in their journey as well. Show more Show less