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Hi I'm Ken

I grew up in Idaho. I'm married to the most beautiful and amazing wife who has blessed me with 6 beautiful children. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I've been married for over 25 years now. It's awesome. I have 6 children, four natural and two adopted. Some of them are out of college and some are just beginning their formal education. It's a small family. haha I can say that because I grew up in a family of eleven children. I think my dad thought he'd get a bunch of workers... but instead found out how much work eleven kids can be. Can you imagine my amazing mom? Growing up in the countryside of Idaho was so much fun. At that point I couldn't have imagined my life would take me all over the world. I've been to over 65 countries. Some of those countries for extended stays or multiple visits. I'm in direct sales for a living and have the opportunity to meet people who are very different from me. Well, at least they would appear very different from me. As I get to know them I find they are much more similar than different. They have the same desires, fears, aspirations and ultimately the same past, present and future questions about life and its meaning as I do. Ultimately, I find all people North to South, East to West, black and white and all colors in between just want to be happy. The pursuit of happiness is what life is all about.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a reflective person. I've always been filled with questions like why and how. I seek answers to things. I don't like puzzles that aren't put together. Perhaps my first draw to the church is because it has answers to my questions. Answers that felt incomplete from other places in which I sought them. My relationship with my Creator is the beginning of all other questions. Is God a person like me? Is He an unrecognizable life form? Does He have form at all? Does He care about me? Did He create me? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? What's my purpose if any? So many questions. So few answers. I've always felt the stirrings of eternal within me. I've never believed that, 'when your dead your dead'. That thought is in conflict with my soul, with all I hold dear. It kills my hope and I reject it. I believe all truth seekers can know of their eternal nature just by some soul searching and basic prayer. I know our Heavenly Father put us in families with loving parents to teach us how to become good parents, like Him. This earthly experience has application in the eternities. Our kind and loving Father wants us to become like Him. He loves to bless us and help us. Only in the original pre-Nicean gospel and restored gospel do I find consistency and answers that are satisfying to the soul. I love the Bible, Book of Mormon and living prophets. They are each relevant today as much as any time before. Only in Christ his Son will we find true and lasting happiness.

How I live my faith

I'm actively involved in my church. I work to help coordinate activities and efforts for the stake. (A stake helps administrate a grouping of local congregations called wards.) I love my calling. Like all callings in the church, it's temporary. I will do this until I'm asked to do a different calling. I've had dozens of different callings in the church. Some have lasted only a few months, some have lasted several years. It's always exciting to see what comes next. Perhaps my favorite calling was my two year mission to Taiwan when I was 19 years old. What an experience it was. Sharing my beliefs and testimony to a new culture and in a new language was certainly one of the highlights of my life. I have grown to positively love the Chinese people. In fact, 27 years after completing my mission, my wife and I adopted a little girl from Taiwan. What a blessing she has become to us. It just seems I can't do anything without the Lord repaying my meager efforts many times over. I love my children and teach them to walk paths that lead to good places. In our family, it is Christ whom we strive to follow. Christ taught through word and deed the choices that lead to true happiness.