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Hi I'm Christopher

I am 21 years old and from Costa Rica. I love nature, music, art, dreaming, family, and getting lost enjoying them. I'm a mormon.

About Me

Well, what can I say...? I am a son, and an only child. Sometimes (most of the times) I am very serious and quiet, but other times a little bit clownish or playful. =). I live in a country that is very green, it's full of beautiful things, like nature, art, the people, and its traditions. I love enjoying and having fun and being together with my closest friends, I say I love my family, and I consider my friends part of my family. I believe friends and family are the most important and valuable things in our lifes, because our greatest and happiest times are with them, so many times I day dream about my future family and wife, because she's gonna be my best friend and the one with who I am going to have my most happiest and funniest, and the most important times of my life (and eternity). I also love dreaming and losing myself, I do this when I hear or play music, see beautiful pictures, go boating, appreciate nature and do other things that I like. I still am not sure what do I want to study, but I hope it be something by which I can put my passion to make others smile, happy, get in awe, and inspire them. I love cooking and making gifts for others, so probably it will be something related. =) Something I also enjoy very much is the world's diversity of cultures, I speak Spanish (my native language), English, a bit of Japanese, and a bit of German, and love sharing with foreigners and learning about them.

Why I am a Mormon

Because it's has helped me to be the happiest I can, it has given me purpose, and to see beyond what my eyes can see, and because I know it's true, and I know it's true because of the testimony of the Spirit, something that I have learned here and nowhere else does. The Gospel teaches and proves (yes, proves) that God is the same of 2000 yrs ago, that Jesus still lives today, that He continues to give revelation today, that He is the same of yesterday and hasn't changed His way of doing things. I feel happy, completed, guided, and safe with the Gospel, and imagine myself blind and lost without it. All this testify me of it. If you want to know if the Church or gospel is true, just kneel and pray, with real intention and desire, and having faith in Jesus, with no prejudice, trusting that God will answer you, and willing to accept the answer given and to act according to it. Jms 1:6,7 Just wait and be patient, He might answer right away or later, but He will, "for God answers in His time and His way", and by the Holy Ghost, you will know, and "the fruit of the Holy Ghost is love, joy, peace..." (Galatians 5:22). You by yourself will know when has the Holy Ghost spoken, see Luke 24:32.

How I live my faith

I try to love others and be as kindest and nice as I can. I make my life, actions, way of thinking and everything in harmony with the teachings of Jesuschrist, this includes the way I treat others, the way I react, my choices, my points of view, way of thinking about others and in general. To me the most important thing in the gospel is love and faith, Jesus said that all His teachings are based on loving "God with all your heart, mind, might, strenght, and soul" and loving "your neighbors (your equals), as you love yourself". The funny part is that to be able to say that we love God, we must first love our neighbors, for how can someone say he loves God (someone who he hasn't seen) if he doesn't love his neighbor. (1 John 4:20). It's the hardest part and thing of the gospel, especially for how cold and selfish this world normally is, but it's also the most important, and the thing that gives the most pleasure and joy. Also, what would life be without love? That's how I try to live my faith, by doing the best I can to treat others as I would like to be treated. Currently I'm serving in a full time 2 year Mission in Mexico, trying to bless families and people with my biggest treasure, the gospel, I'll finish joyfully until March or April of 2016..

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Nature, the testimony of the Holly Ghost and miracles. Nature sometimes is so beautiful, sunsets, flowers, fruits, fish, the ocean, the night sky... Why plants are sometimes so helpful to us, why do they produce beautiful fruits, and not only beautiful but tasty and delicious, how do they produce such beautiful things if they do not even have eyes? Why are sunsets so touching, so sweet, marvelous, why do they marvel us? The feelings I get when pondering the scriptures, the sense it has, the things that happen when you live the gospel and share it, how can someone change extremely and leave addictions fast and firm because of it, how families and people are so blessed with it, or seeing arise someone who was on bed sick, all things like these are the ones that testify to me, plus miracles I've seen in my life, in others, even in the history of the Church. If you look for Him, you'll find Him. =) Show more Show less