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Hi I'm Philip M Harmon

I'm a Momon and have been all of my life. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ.

About Me

My father was LDS, but my mother was not. She came from a staunch Merhodist background and did not join the Church until I was an adult, serving in the US Navy. My own testimony that this is indeed the restored Church of Jesus Christ came when I first read the Book of Mormon: Anoter testament of Jesus Christ. My parents died solid in the Church, true to their baptismal covenants. I have been married for 57 years to the former Coy Michie who descended from Mormon ancestors for generations. Our marriage took place in the temple in Manti, Utah. It was for eternity, not just for this life, sealed by priesthood authority in an ordinance which can only be performed in the temple. The six children which have blessed our lives are sealed to us also for eternity, so that we will be an eternal family. I have four college degrees, three in English, and have taught school both on the high school and on the college level. The Church has schools in the sourh sea islands where we lived and taught for six years. My last 27 years of teaching were at Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho. Since my retirement we have served three LDS missions in Wisconsin, Ireland, and Salt Lake City. My wife is a former registered nurse and retired when I did so that we could begin serving our missions. I also served for 34 years both in the regular Navy and in the National Guard and am currently a retired veteran. My life has been built around the Church and has been full and wonderful.

Why I am a Mormon

The founder, Joseph Smith, was a 14 year old farm boy with little formal education. He went to the woods near his home in upstate New York in 1820 to ask the Lord which of all the churches he should join. In answer he was visited by both the Father and the Son and was told to join none of them, that they all lacked priesthood authority and thus "had a form of godliness but denied the power thereof," that is the priesthood authority to baptize, confer the gift of the Holy Ghost, and other ordinances essential to salvation. Three years later he was visited by a heavenly messenger who revealed where a set of records on metal plates had been buried 14 hundred years earlier by a prophet of the Lord. The record contained the history of an ancient people who had lived in the Americas between 600 b.c. and 400 a.d. after a three year period of training and preparation by heavenly messengers, Joseph was allowed to secure the record and to translate it into English by divine power. This record exists today as the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. It is this book that convinced me that Joseph was telling the truth. As I read the Book of Mormon in conjunction with the Bible, the spirit of the Lord speaks to me in positive terms that this work is true, the Jesus in the Christ, and that the fullness of the gospel as established by him when he dwelt among men is here among us now. The fact that through the ordinances of the temple I can look forward to an eternal union with my wife and children is thrilling to me and worth every sacrifice and every effort. This is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

In the Church I have served in many capacities including ward and branch leadership, scouting, teaching, and helping others in their family history research which is my current assignment. In the Church we have no clergy and everyone serve volutarilly. My current bishop for instance runs a business firm for a group of doctors. Bishops in the Church serve for about five years and then turn their duties over to another. My former bishop was an elementary school principal and his predicessor was an executive of a concrete supply firm. All worthy men in the Church are given priesthood authority which they exercise to bless their families and their neighbors. Also men must hold this priesthood authority to enter the temple and receive the ordinances of salvation for themselves, their families and by proxy for their deceased ancestors, many of whom are waiting in the spirit word for these ordinances to be performed so that they can continue their eternal progression. The 130 temples of the Church are staffed by members who serve there voluntarily. I have served in the temple in Idaho Falls for over twenty years, and those years spent in the Lord's house are among my most cherished memories. I continue to spend hours in the temple every week and look forward to that sweet experience.