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Hi I'm Matthew

I grew up in California, went to school in Utah. Theatre is my life. I perform and act for a living. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm from California, and received a degree in Theatre from Southern Utah University. I have traveled most of the United States doing shows. I am an actor; I lived in Boston where I worked with 3 different theatre companies pursuing my dream to be a full time performer. I have recently accepted a job in which I am now have the privilege to perform everyday. I love the arts and feel very much at home while performing. I love to play soccer and football as well as watch them both. I am very active; love to go kayaking and traveling. There are very few things that I don't enjoy; I just love life and everything that it entails. "Come what may, and love it" - Elder Joseph Wirthlin (a past member of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles)

Why I am a Mormon

Because it all just makes sense. Everything that I believe and the Church teaches; if approached with a sincere heart, real intent, and faith in Jesus Christ, will just quite simply make sense. I had so many questions (not to say they have all been answered, because there would be no need for faith if every question could be answered), but the simple questions I had; "Where did we come from?" "Does God know me?" "If God loves all of us, why does He allow such terrible things happen to us?" "Why are there so many different churches? And why do they all profess to be the 'one true church'?" Important questions, simple in their entirety, but very important. No church I went too could explain to me the answers, for the ones that did have answers were so roundabout and misleading; that if felt as if they were just trying to confuse me or change it into a different discussion. Then I asked the Mormon Church, expecting to be lead away or confused by their answers. That wasn't the case. They very politely answered every single one of my questions. Then I started to ask them about the "weird" doctrines they taught. Very soon I realized that what they believed not only made sense, but it had to be the only real way to interpret the scriptures. For so many of these "weird" doctrinal beliefs that they have, come from the very Bible itself. In short, I am a Mormon, because it makes me happy, and nothing else can take that away. I know God loves me, and that He has a plan for me. That He sent His beloved son Jesus Christ down here to lead us, pray for us, and ultimately show us the way back to Him and His Father, by dying and atoning for all of our sins. I know that in their wisdom they called the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr. to restore their church to the Earth. To bring back what was lost, so those that were lost could be found. I love them for trusting us enough with the knowledge they've given us. For those that read this, know that I know its true.

How I live my faith

Being an active member I have had the chances to be involved with the growth of my congregation. Most of the opportunities that are giving to me to serve within my Church have been based in the Sunday School Programs. We meet for 3 hours every Sunday, and one of those hours focuses on learning from the scriptures (ie: Bible (both the Old and New Testaments), The Book of Mormon, The Doctrine and Covenants, etc.). I have had the wonderful chances to serve as a Sunday School instructor where I have had the privilege of leading discussions during that hour. I have served as the 2nd and 1st counselors to the President of Sunday School in different wards throughout the church. Where I would be in charge of making schedules, organizing meetings making sure that the other instructors had everything they needed. I have also served as the Sunday School President for 2 different wards. This was a chance for me to not only oversee the Sunday School Program within the confines of both of these wards; but to further my knowledge of the Gospel as I would actively seek to teach the "Teaching, No Greater Call" class that the church offers. This was a great chance for me to better understand the doctrines of the church and from its leaders; but also further my understanding of how important a call it is to be a teacher (whether in the church or outside of it). I have also served as a full time missionary for the church. This was an experience that cannot be summed up in a few sentences, but suffice it to say. It changed my life for the better, for it helped me to understand how God knows me personally, and how He has a plan just for me and for you.