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Hi I'm Simone

I'm a wife and have two precious kids. I sing and am an aspiring singer/songwriter. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm mostly a stay-at-home mom but I do work here and there cleaning and teaching music lessons to help financially support our family. I love my kids. I had no idea how much I would love them before I had them. I always thought getting married would be the best thing I would ever experience. No I can honestly say my children consume my whole heart. Don't get me wrong- My husband is wonderful. We both work hard to love each other and as time goes on my love for him grow exponentially. He's my best buddy. I love to sing. I studied Vocal Performance and received a Bachelor's Degree. However most of my best performances are in the kitchen or the shower. I think it would be great to attend school without the pressure of grades and tests. I'd probably study psychology (even though it would probably frustrate me) and biology and history. I love to learn new languages- I'm currently learning Portuguese because my husband can speak it. I love to travel. Experiencing new things and people and FOOD is important to me. I like to be physically active and be in good shape but I also love to eat so it's a tug of war ;) I wish I read more. Its hard for me to commit to a book though. I like artistic things but I can also enjoy a good football or basketball game too. I'm always a sucker for the underdog. My absolute favorite thing to do is spend time with family and good friends. I miss northern California- so beautiful there. I'll do anything for those I love and struggle with my temper ;)

Why I am a Mormon

You know, I can see how people are skeptical about joining a religion. Especially one that says it's the true one. It must seem pretty outrageous. But it also makes it easier to find out. It either is true or not. I do believe that there's a right and wrong- therefore there must be a truth. One truth. No matter if people choose to believe it or not. Truth is 1) unchangeable, 2) its "fruits" or results reveal it for what it is, 3) an expanding thing, ever enriching, enlightening, and increases our love. In my short little time of living what I have been taught in the Book of Mormon and Bible, in the temple, in general conference by Prophets and Apostles I recognize-truth. The experiences I've had receiving priesthood blessings, being baptized and confirmed with the gift of the Holy Ghost are true. My life is better from it. As I learn more it's consistent and seems to come from One loving/all powerful source. As I act according to the doctrine my vision of life is greater, I love people more, I am happier. I know God exists and loves little me because when I do what He asks He responds the way He promised He would. I know Jesus Christ is my Savior because as I have repented He has made me a new person. I become a person that would never again do what the person I was did. I know that Joseph Smith was called to restore God's power and authority and organization to the earth. I know it because that priesthood has blessed me in an inspired way. My own heart tells me that love is supposed to last forever. Every society on the earth has a sense that life goes on beyond death. If you truly love someone then saying "I will love you forever" comes naturally- because we know deep down that love is forever. That is why in the temple and the doctrine that is taught and the ordinances performed to create and seal a family together forever ring true to me. If I wasn't a Mormon I'd have to give up all that....nope it's too precious to me. I'd rather have faith that it's true.

How I live my faith

Living with integrity is probably the most important principle to me. If I know something is right then I strive with everything I have to live according to it. So I'm one of those that drives their spouse crazy with all these ideas of how we can "do better." There are many instances where I have felt God's love and have felt a strong testaments that Jesus is the Christ. I know His Atonement has changed my heart and who I am (and it still continues to do so.) I feel that it's my responsibility to love others no matter what because Christ has asked me to- so I try my best. I'm a firm believer in the law of chastity. Great joy has come to my life from living it. My husband is the only one I've been with and our first time was our wedding night. He was at my side when I bore our children. And we work hard to be faithful 100% to each other. Peace is greater than a sense of thrill. I love learning the doctrine and lessons in the scriptures. I read them everyday- whether with my kids, myself or with my husband I get that done. There is a real power in going to the temple. When I go I notice a lasting softness in my behavior and attitudes. It is not pretended- it is real. I want to improve in responding to messages from the Holy Ghost. I'll have a strong impression that I need to serve someone in some sort of way- so no matter how uncomfortable it is I try to do it. I'm not always good at listening but that is something I'm trying to do. I try to make people feel important. I want them to know that they are of great worth. And people I don't really like...well I don't ever tell them :) It's more and more apparent to me that judging others is pointless because I don't know everything. Better to love, even if it's hard (fake it til you make it). I pray to Heavenly Father alot. I like the idea of talking to Him like I would a friend so I do. Sometimes my husband and I won't be getting along so I'll pray about it. He never fails to help us make up and love each other.

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

I think if people went in the temple only for curiosity's sake would be surprised maybe disappointed that there's nothing crazy that takes place. The covenants made can be found in the scriptures (not the exact wording used but the content). The Church leaders have always stressed the difference between sacred and secret. The temple is sacred. What happens in the temple is special to those who have lived their lives to be worthy of the ordinances there. Just like someone walks along a sidewalk doesn't think anything of it finds nothing special, but the girl who was proposed to on that sidewalk finds it a special place. But we do believe that God's authority and power is in the temple. It is His house and we believe those ordinances were given us by Him. We do not make it special- His presence, His Spirit of promise makes it special. Which is why members must live according to His laws to be permitted to enter. To assure that the Spirit will not be offended nor disrupted. God doesn't force His children to obey Him. He will not give higher laws to live by to people who don't want to live them. He would be subjecting them to judgement they are not able to bear. So not everyone goes to the temple, just those who want to. But I would recommend it to EVERYONE. The greatest blessings in my life (my eternal never-ending family, my knowledge of God and who He is in relation to me) come from the temple. There is only great happiness that comes from living God's laws. I love to go. Show more Show less