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Hi I'm Audrey C.

I'm a military wife. I'm a mom. I'm a perpetual student. I love life and I love the gospel. I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I love languages and I love people. Instead of going to senior prom I went to Russia to teach English that semester. Loved it! Now I have "family" in Moscow, too. I always wanted to go to school, go on a mission, and continue my life's pursuits like becoming a Fulbright scholar and starting an international student organization that promoted unity and understanding across borders. What I wasn't expecting was meeting my husband when I did! I got married at 20 and and now have three kids. I'm still going to school, now I get to be a member missionary instead, and my life's pursuits may have changed with age but I still get to pursue them! I love to draw/do art and I love seeing my kids try their hands at it. I enjoy the outdoors: hikes, camping, exploring, but it usually is enjoyed in the form of keeping kids within sight at a park or by the "lake." All my children are full of life and keep me very busy. My daughter is a sponge of information and is always willing to share. My first son may have autism, but he's the sweetest, most loving little boy you'll ever meet. Be careful, though, because he might steal your heart! My youngest boy is such an entertainer and loves to learn. I'm amazed by them every day and am so thankful that I have them. They're my greatest achievement! I'm also the wife of a military member and get to meet people and have experiences I never would have had otherwise. I love this life, bumps in the road included!

Why I am a Mormon

I remember being a little kid and hearing about how my parents both found the gospel and were converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They were so different from each other, yet through this common thread they found happiness and they found each other. I remember how sad it was when my sister died, but my dad shared the Plan of Salvation with everyone and after the funeral my sister’s friend said that she couldn’t be sad anymore because she understood how we viewed death and what happens afterwards. We’ll be with her again because God makes it possible to be an eternal family! I see the love of Christ in action all the time and I think, how could it not be true? Yes, I was blessed to be born into my faith but I've also to come to know my Savior personally. No matter how challenging things have been in my life (and I've really struggled at certain points), the one thing that pulled me through and helped me overcome them more than anything else is my faith in Christ and knowing He is there, taking my hand and lifting me up. I know from the deepest place in my heart that I am loved and cared for by my Savior. I know He atoned and died for me and for you. I know that the restored gospel is here, it's available, and if you just take a chance and live it--even though trials don't cease--you can find real, lasting happiness. I've prayed about it. I've been answered. I know. That's why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I love getting to know my Savior through the many facets available to me. I get to study His word in the scriptures and as given to me by prophets. I get to practice what He preaches by helping my friends, neighbors, and sometimes total strangers. I've gotten the wonderful opportunity to serve at church through various callings. I've been a music chorister for kids ages 18 months to 12 years old, I've taught various ages of classes from the three year old class to the 9-10 year old class, I currently am on the activities committee and get to help plan, organize, and participate in really fun, very informative, and highly uplifting events. Sometimes I get to teach lessons to adults as well, but I also get to be taught and I really enjoy discussing faith building principles. I also get to visit some ladies from church to share an uplifting message with them, talk with them about their lives, build friendships, and help them out in whatever capacity they may need at the time. I have also attended a bible study with people of other denominations. I love seeing people of all faiths living what they believe and I enjoy sharing what I know with them, too. We're all trying to live the best we know how. When we come together to strengthen each other it really reminds me of how we're all children of our Heavenly Father and how important it is for me to share the gospel with others. I know our Savior wants us to be happy and He has shown us how! Yay!

What do Mormons believe happens to us after we die? What do Mormons believe about life after death?

Audrey C.
I've had a sister die when she was just 24, about to finish college, and living a good life. My husband's mom died when he was 16. The absence of people we care for is deeply felt, so it can be tempting to ask, "Why?" but there's a better question to ask: "What's next?" God made a plan for us that began before we were born and continues beyond death. Death is not the final step in our lives or the end to our families. Families can be together forever and forever doesn't mean until you die, it literally means for all eternity. Our bodies and our spirits won't be apart forever, either. We'll get to be resurrected thanks to the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. He made that possible. In the meantime, our spirits get to go to the spirit world where we'll be with others who have passed and continue to learn and grow. There's hope and life beyond mortality. Show more Show less