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Hi I'm Kelli Sue Buxton

I'm a Mormon, a Mom, a nerd, a fitness geek, a community volunteer and a full-time student.

About Me

We belonged to Uncle Sam as a young family moving every two years as Army 'brats'. My father was a physician in uniform. After our service we settled in Utah, where my Grandparents (both sets) finally landed as well, I was 12. Every summer we lived at Lake Powell, water was our second home. After high-school I attended BYU-Hawaii and upon my return I married a soldier and the military life began again. I loved Georgia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.....Philly is a very cool place. Exiting the military lifestyle, I returned to Utah where my children attended high school and are now in college. I have a son serving an LDS mission in San Francisco and another son leaving soon for Fortaleza Brazil! I returned to my formal education 18 months ago to finish my secondary education degree in Communications in an effort to get a license to teach Journalism at a local high school.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I continue to choose it. It works for me! How? I feel God's love through his spirit when I read his words. The darkness and despair disappear when He is near. The feelings I get when I keep the promises I have made to Him are undeniable and sustain me in a very chaotic world. I chose to make covenants with God, because He spoke to my heart when I prayed sincerely one night as a 16 year old girl. I received an answer to my heart and my mind that He is there and loves me. The things I promise Him that I will do only make me a better person, a happier person. I'm happier in sorrow and disappointment. I'm happier in tragedy and pain. I seek that feeling often and as long as my attitude is one of humility and gratitude, (not always true) I get an answer back....He loves me still. As I take steps, real actions, that move me forward, many with sacrifice, I gain stronger faith. Faith is the opposite of fear. When I distance myself from Him, in my mind and heart, fear creeps in and my actions become selfish and prideful. Happiness dims....... Then I realize that Jesus Christ loves me so much that He died to wipe away my sins. When they are gone, I can feel those feelings again. I love Him because He values little old me so much, that His arms are always open no matter what I have done. He is real, and His son is Jesus Christ, a separate being as real as you and me. This is their plan and we are their spirit children. Their message is for all of us, in whatever condition we come.

How I live my faith

I love serving with other faithful Christians in our area! I have worked with the youth, both those still in middle and high school and those ages 18-30. I just 'get' them. Their love for life and struggles to understand it are part of the beauty of Christ's gospel. These experiences build character. I now work with the women in our area, helping them to understand their potential despite the negative messages in the media that tell us we aren't ever going to be good enough. I truly believe that God loves all his children. By pondering on this concept and sincerely praying to God, his spirit will tell us that he loves us, in whatever form we understand it best, and in whatever the circumstance, no matter the religious affiliation. As human beings, we take great strength in being together in Christ. We strengthen and inspire each other with our faith. This is one of the greatest opportunities I have to live my faith. The organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints affords me this opportunity to serve and give back to the Lord. This organization encourages me to reach outside the walls of my own home, outside the walls of my church building and serve all His children as best I can. I live my faith by loving others and leaving the judgment to God. I live my faith by giving my talents to strengthen relationships in the community. I have had the opportunity to organize several events and to use my enthusiasm and creativity to make them unique and meaningful. I now have special skills that include knowing how to entertain and feed 200 people.....good times! Most importantly of all, I try to live my faith by becoming a better person. Better at loving, better at sacrifice, better at forgiveness, better at humility, better at relationships and best of all, better at being me!