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Hi I'm Ammon

I am a father and a husband. I am studying to become a counselor, and I am a Latter Day Saint or a Mormon.

About Me

I am a father of one adorable daughter with the ambition for plenty more children to come. I have a loving spouse that I am happily married to and enjoy this life with. We share the responsibility of loving our family and being responsible. I am a student currently studying towards my bachelors degree in psychology with the end goal of becoming a counselor. I own a small entertainment/DJ business were I hire myself out to DJ weddings, parties, and dances. I also work as a server in a seafood restaurant and enjoy both jobs getting to know people, serving them, and being part of a enjoyable life experience for them. I love music and creating it using computer software as well as my DJ gear. I love spending time at the beach, swimming, and in Utah hiking in the mountains and enjoying the great outdoors. During winter I enjoy snowboarding and spending time in the snow. I am a recovering alcoholic and addict and am not ashamed but have a deep passion for recovery and the life God has given me because of it. This is what drives me to become a counselor as well. I have a deep passion for God's word and things spiritual and eternal. I love to feel of his spirit and love for me as I seek him and look to accomplish His will instead of my own. I am whole heartedly convinced and have a firm testimony that God lives, that His Son Jesus Christ died for me and us all and that this gospel he brought forth for us by the hand of Joseph Smith is true. I will never deny this!

Why I am a Mormon

I lived a life contrary to the gospel I now live when I was younger that lead me down very dark and miserable roads. At a very young age I found the party life with using drugs and alcoho,l going to all nightters and following me desires for prideful lusts and gain of money for selfish reasons. I fell hard into this lifestyle for over a decade while in the mean time spending much time incarcerated with countless bookings. I begun to realize the gravity of my situation when I had spent years incarcerated and could not stop my destructive behavior on my own power no matter how much I wanted to and all the promises I made myself. I remembered the teachings of my youth that taught me God answers prayers and will help us when we seek Him. In my lowest desparation, I fell to my knees one day and pled with my eternal creator to help me and give me the strength to overcome my addictions that were destroying my life. That very moment, I felt an overwhelming burning in my chest that I knew was the eternal love of God telling me that He heard me and was merciful to me. He gave me the courage and strength to battle and overcome what was killing me. Everyday I am forever grateful for what He has done and recognize we're the power came from by turning to Him and asking again for the strength for one more day which to this day He has given me. I thank him every night and when I do I can feel His approval with the love burning in me. I feel that love now as I type this knowing it's because all I want to do is let people know of the pure happiness and joy that comes from the gospel God has given me and the world and God approves. I have a undoubting testimony that God and His Son Jesus Christ live and they are the head of this true gospel and church. I know undoubtably they showed themselves to Joseph Smith to instruct him of this great work and that the Book of Mormon is the very word of God to testify in conjuction with the Bible of their divinity. I will never deny this faith!

How I live my faith

I live my faith of being a Latter Day Saint to the very best of my ability each day. How I do this is by making sure I do certain things everyday that give me the strength to do so. Every morning I make sure I get on my knees and pray to my father in heaven and thank him for the start of a new day. I thank him that I know of him and he is mindful of me. I then pray as my heart directs me to and always ask him to give me a knowledge of his will for me and the strength to carry his will out. I ask for the courage to overcome temptations and have opportunities to do charitable works and share the gospel. It then only through the power of God that I am able to do anything good be truly happy. When I recognize where the power comes from, I am given more power and strength. When I try to take the glory for myself is when I am weak. Of myself I am weak and powerless, through God and Christ, I can accomplish all things. Since I have started to ask God for situations were I am able to share the gospel and be charitable, he has given me the situations and given me the strength to carry out what he intends me to do. With the partnership of my wife and strength of God, we teach our family the principles of the gospel and the joy that comes along with living its teachings. I read or listen to the scriptures (Book of Mormon or bible) everyday before bed and while I am driving I listen to it on CDs. This gives me additional strength to overcome daily trials and struggles because my mind is continuously focused on Gods love, word, and how he tells me to live. Once a month I teach a lesson in church for the brethren and I acknowledge that God is the one who gives me inspiration and the ability to teach His word, not because of myself. In all that I do, I do my very best to recognize my nothingness before my God realizing I am powerless without His love, wisdom, gospel and His only begottensSon Jesus Christs sacrifice that is the only way I can be saved and have eternal happiness.