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Hi I'm Oziel Ruiz

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Raised LDS by my two loving parents. and now am serving in Sacramento California Mission

About Me

I am on my mission in Sacramento California. I love serving my heavenly father and have grown so much here, I have increased my knowledge of the church and my testimony has grown stronger to the truths it has revealed to me. Something i love is helping others, Just seeing the joy on peoples faces when you serve them is the best. I planned to become a psychologist to help people who have gone through many problems or past problems that still affect to the present day. I love my family and anything that is family oriented, also just being around people, having company, is the what i enjoy most because that is what makes memories. Just making new friends and how you grow to love one another is what motivates my day. Seeing how to serve my fellow brothers and sisters is something strong in me, now after serving my mission for these 2 years, my desire to serve others has grown drastically.

Why I am a Mormon

I know this church is true i know it with all my heart, and soul this gospel holds everything that the lord wants from us and more as we have a living modern prophet this gospel has guided me through the hard times and the worst. But it brings happiness and peace as we ask for forgiveness and go to our father in prayer for help and strength. I myself even though born into this religion searched and asked heavenly father to see which one is his true church my parents also asked me to do this when i told them i only went to church because they go. I asked and prayed as Joseph Smith did and received and answer that this is his church and that the Book of Mormon is his word. that Joseph Smith restored this church through revelation and the hands of god. But this wasn't the only times as i grew up many things have happened i just graduated from high school many trials and troubles were happening and i was in doubt as the months passed I was near the age to go serve my lord in a mission. But I did not feel ready my dad pushed me to go serve on a mission and my brother pushed to join the Navy I did not want to go on a mission and decided to join the Navy. As i told my that I prayed and received an answer i should serve the navy he invited to pray again few weeks passed through a lot of studying and pondering i prayed and asked my lord if he finds me worthy to still serve him and he answered me YES i was proud and this is how i know this church is true. In sincere prayer and search

How I live my faith

I try my best to follow the commandments and do what the lord expects of us. Right now i'm serving a full-time mission I'm studying and learning everything I need to preach, to my fellow brothers, the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I love this work, its the best 2 years i think any youth can have, and its very hard to leave television, friends, music, and of course for those who have one a girlfriend. But it is well worth it, you receive so many blessings and meet great people and make all types of friends in the mission. Keeping each other strong if one of us see's us doing wrong, what i love is we don't leave anyone behind, we always look to how we can strengthen each other, and that is what the gospel is all about. We are here in the service of our brothers, if we see someone going through hard times we are there to support and strengthen them. We are all family, we are all the children of our heavenly father. I love this gospel and i love everyone that i talk to, even if they are not members of my church, i know this and i know my father in heaven expects all of us to support each other and love and always look out for one another.

What is the role of the husband and the wife in the family?

Oziel Ruiz
The work of a husband and wife is to help make each others lifes happy. To be there for each other through their best times and their worst, if one falls the other is there to pick him/her up to always be there for each other and to also be the best example to their children, to show them how to live the proper standards, to try and teach them a right way to grow up. Also being there for them in their worst times or when they need help through their tribulations to answer the questions they have and to guide them back to our Heavenly Father, when they have doubts or fear of what they did or want to do. Always uplifting them through the falls that we have through the test that we go through that our Heavenly Father is always there for us always looking at us. If we fall he expects us to get back up, I think parents are the same way or should be when one of their children fall they are there for them to counsel and hear them when they do great your happy and rejoicing with them in their happiness i think parents are the best example for their kids, parents are the first persons the children look up to, and they are the first whose steps we follow i know this is true and i plan to be the best example for my children someday to lead and guide them to our heavenly father as he leads and guides us today Show more Show less

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

Oziel Ruiz
Families our very important in our fathers eyes if families were not permitted to stay together forever there would be no point to them in this life i know that our heavenly father made families for a purpose to love and care for one another. This great love that we have for each other cannot end after death and I'm so happy it doesn't. God gave us this blessing to live with our family for all eternity's not just for this life but also for the next as families are important to him, and he wants to be with us for all eternity's, I know he wants the same for us as we love our parents and our family's that we have he wants us also to live with them i know this is true and i know i will live with my parents not just in this life but in the next and also would live with my family in the future for all eternity's this is such a great blessing and I love my heavenly father for giving It to us. Show more Show less