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Hi I'm Jen

I grew up in Roseville CA, I am a Mother & Founder of a Non-Profit Childrens Performing Arts Group and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I am a retired professional singer who decided that the singing profession was bringing me down more than lifting me up in my life. So 2 ½ years ago I stepped down to take on other dreams, to focus on the important things in life. I am now a stay at home mother of 2, a boy 11 and a girl 10, plus a 1 year old I've been taking care of sense she was born. I am a wife to a wonderful and very supportive husband. I have also taken on the role of teacher, volunteer, owner & don’t forget chauffer! I not only home school one of my children part time, but I teach Choir at the local Elementary School. This led to opening up a non-profit children’s performing arts group here as well. I am the founder, president & director of this singing and dancing group. We plan for 3 shows a year as well as performing at local fairs, benefits & charities. This has become a family event seeing that my children are in the group and my husband helps with a lot of props, scenery and sound. You would think that with all of this I wouldn’t have time for anything else but…I also volunteer at my kids schools, I’m involved with the PTA, I’m on the board for swim team, I’m very much involved with their many other activities like football, basketball, soccer, scouts, horseback lessons & last but definitely not least my calling, I am the music chairperson in my ward. My life is fun, full and filled with lots of excitement. There is never a dull moment but I like it that way it keeps me out of trouble.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church. I was baptized at 8 confirmed a member and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. I knew in my heart at a young age that the Holy Ghost was real BUT as I got older and had MANY encounters with the advisory I became fearful of what it was that I really could be. I could feel the pressures of Satan. As I grew up I lost the confidence that I needed to know I had power over him. So I fell away. As a young adult I met a man and we were married we had 2 children and were both struggling with an addiction to alcohol. We tried to straighten our lives out but we were just bringing each other down. By the 4th year into our marriage we were both excommunicated from the church and had divorced. I and the kids moved home to where my family was and tried to start over. But after losing the Spirit of the Holy Ghost I felt alone and despaired. I began to drink again. I met a non-member man who was amazing he was supportive and loving to both my children and I. We were married later. When we found out that I was sick. I was dying from liver disease. I was 80 pounds of skin and bones shriveled up and looking like an 80 year old women dying of cancer. As I lay in the hospital in the last moments of what my family thought was my life. All I could hear in my head was YOU CANT DO THIS, you can’t do this alone. I open my eyes and with my family sitting round my bed I felt his love surround me, as he whispered in my ear YOU CAN DO THIS, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I opened my eyes as the DR asked Jen do you want to live? I felt as if the pains of HELL where lifted from me and I said YES PLEASE YES I walked out of that hospital and I knew that the desires had been lifted. I know that if I strive to be like him in all things that my pains would be no more. Now my Daughter my Son and I have been baptized members of the Church. I testify that I know our Father lives and that our Savior is the light of the world. That if we strive for good we will find it, we will find the truth.

How I live my faith

I am very involved in our community through my non-profit organization. My goal in setting up this organization was to help benefit the kids in our community. We all volunteer our time in this program. We try and focus on the children as well as local charities that we can help, donate to and support. We as an organization are able to offer scholarships to the children in our community that can’t afford because we volunteer our time. I grew up in a family with 6 kids and we didn’t always have a lot. We weren’t able to participate in every event we would have liked to. So I knew that when I grew up I wanted to be able to provide a safe environment for children in my community. Where they could come strengthen and develop talents, personalities, & also be able to express themselves without judgment. I feel that we are creating an environment where these kids are motivated and happy. I try to be an example to those kids in my life. I along with my kids attend church each Sunday. We read from the Bible and Book of Mormon each night to better understand the gospel while strengthening our testimonies. I am also involved with my church putting together musical numbers for the Sunday meetings. I enjoy this very much; pulling the together the talent that we have in our ward and having them share it with others. It is very rewarding to be able to enjoy a musical number each Sunday and be lifted up at the beginning of the week.