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Hi I'm Dan Armstrong

I'm a Realtor in Colorado Springs, have a wife and daughter. Raised in the church, Mormonism has made my life awesome!

About Me

I was born in Texas and grew up mostly in the mid west USA. I went on a mission for the church to Ohio and then graduated from BYU in 2002. I am married with a daughter and another daughter on the way. I sell real estate in Colorado Springs and enjoy all kinds of sports. I love to play golf, basketball, and football. I come from a big family. I was the second of seven kids and now have twelve nieces and nephews. My life is so much fun!

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised as a Mormon, but that isn't really why I chose this faith. I had a wonderful childhood with wonderful parents that took me to church every week. I learned from them and from the scriptures what it meant to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet like most people I needed to know what was right for my life. When I was fifteen years old I wondered if this faith was right. I started to rebel a little and my dad challenged me to read the Book of Mormon and find out for myself if this faith is right. I knew the church was good and that I had a good family, so I gave it a try. The moment I began to read the Book of Mormon I felt warmth, love, and a power that came into my heart that blew me away. It didn't take long for me to realize that what I was reading was of God. As I read I just wanted to be a better person. I felt more love for other people and then felt the desire to serve a mission. The summer after I read the Book of Mormon I had the opportunity to go on a trip to see the historical sites of the early church. I had a life changing experience at Carthage Illinois. This is the location of the prison where Joseph Smith was falsely jailed and then murdered. As I was in the jail and heard the story I was overcome with a spiritual feeling that overcame my emotions. I have never felt so touched in my entire life. From my experiences I know that Joseph Smith was God's prophet. I know that this church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church that Jesus Christ established himself. I am a Mormon because I believe in this faith with all my heart and soul. I feel the love of Jesus Christ in this church. It is the best thing I know that exists in this whole world. I am not a perfect person and this church helps me be better. When I went through a difficult divorce seven years ago, my faith was the thing that helped me get through it. My Savior Jesus Christ comforted my soul and helped me become a way better person. I love this Church!

How I live my faith

As a Mormon, I am a devout Christian. I do all I can to learn and live the principles of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that I am saved from sin and death by the grace of my Savior Jesus Christ. I follow and obey Him because I love Him and know that I need his help to live in the right ways and to be able to come back to my heavenly home after my life on earth is over. Living my life as a disciple of Jesus Christ makes me happier than I can explain. I love life as a Mormon! Living life as a Mormon enriches my life in tremendous ways. My family and I attend church every week and are actively engaged in our local congregation. I work with the local full time missionaries as the mission leader for our congregation. It is so enjoyable helping people investigate the church. I have had so many wonderful experiences actively participating in the church. Before I helped in the mission, I taught an early morning seminary class to our young members that attend the local high school. That experience was so wonderful. Every morning I got to teach and learn from these wonderful youth as we studied from the Bible, Book of Mormon and other scriptures. I can't explain adequately how much that experience blessed my life in spiritual ways. I felt God's love for me and for those youth on a daily basis. Living my religion helps me know that God is real. As I study scriptures, pray, and do my best to follow the principles of the faith I feel power and joy in my life. This is the greatest influence I have every experienced. I know who I am. I am a child of God. I know that God, who rules the universe, knows and loves me. Amazingly I have learned that this great and powerful being is active in my life guiding my choices. I have felt His guidance as I pray and listen to hear his answers. It amazes me daily that I, as a simple man on the earth, have access to the greatest power that exists and that created all that I see around me. It is awesome to have a faith like this!