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Hi I'm Chris Nichols!

"I'm a rebel, Dotty." I love grilled cheese sandwiches, my absolute favorite food is gumbo, I'm an Awesome Mormon!!!!

About Me

Three words, honey: food, music, smiles. That right there is my life. Let's start off with everyone's mutual friend: food. I love food with all my heart. Literally, all my heart. Pretty sure my arteries are nearly clogged. I absolutely love gumbo, fried chicken, chicken adobo, fish tacos, and bread. Really, any kind of fresh bread is just, mmm, so good. I just love all kinds of food. Next music. I love music too much. I listen to music all day every day. I am a metal head and absolutely love metal music. I collect and listen to vinyl records too. That is by far my favorite thing to do. It's a somewhat expensive hobby to have but I love holding that music in my hands and listening to these bands in the most ideal way. I really love the way that music can evoke such amazing feelings in one's soul. Music can have incredible influences for bad and good. I prefer the good, ma'self. So should everybody! Good music is an incredible way to invite the Holy Spirit to be with you. Lastly, smiles. Everyone loves to smile right? So you need to do things that make you genuinely smile. Like me, for instance, I love reading and writing. I get a kick out of putting things in correct grammar. You for instance might like....ducks. Good for you! We all need to do things that give our hearts and souls genuine pleasure, not things that satisfy us for a moment but cause bad consequences later. I firmly believe that smiles go for miles :)

Why I am a Mormon

This church and this gospel have done so much for me. I have been through a lot of hard times of thinking I wasn't good enough and loneliness. And this gospel has shown me that there is always someone who we can rely on. There is always someone who is listening and wants to help us. Jesus Christ has been my rock for most of my life as he has helped get me through some really rough times. The feelings that I get when I read the Book of Mormon, when I go to church, when I even talk about the gospel, are so peaceful and calming. Sometimes, it feels like someone is hugging me and whispering "Everything's going to be okay". I think that in life we go through a lot of doubt and questions as to whether or not there is a purpose for us. I know for a fact that we have a purpose on this Earth. I know that it is a divine and inspired plan from God that we may be able to return to him. I know that only through Jesus Christ is this plan possible. Christ suffered so much for us and asks for only a few things in return. I know that through faith in Him, repentance, baptism, and enduring to the end, we can truly return to live with God. It's not always easy to do these things, but if we really want to be happy for the rest of eternity, we need to follow these commandments. I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. How many times have I been blessed or even saved by the Book of Mormon. I know that we can always learn from it throughout all of our lives. I know that this gospel is true and that through it, we can become happier.

How I live my faith

I am currently serving a mission in San Diego California. By the way, I absolutely am in love with it. Sharing the gospel with every single person you meet is an incredible opportunity that we need to take advantage of. Plus, I love to stay as active as I can in my home ward. I feel that growing relationships with those whom you go to church with is one of the best and easiest ways to make genuine and life-long friends. I am always close to the top of the list if any teacher needs a substitute. I've substituted for teaching little kids, older youth, and middle aged men. In no way am I the best teacher, but I find that teaching really helps you be able to relate to people and understand what they may be going through. I also find that helping do service in my ward is very important to building strong relationships. One month in my hometown, we had a major windstorm and blew down a thirty foot tree onto our road. Our whole ward got together to help remove this tree. I spoke to a bunch of people as we all put in our best cleanup effort and I found that as you are more willing to help others, the Lord will bless us tenfold.