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Hi I'm Will

I was born in Peru. My dream was to go to college. I came to the US with 20 dollars in my pocket, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a hopeless romantic, I love music, and I love to dance. I'm the kind of guy that meets the girl of his dreams and wants to do everything he can to please her. From buying flowers, to opening doors, to getting hot air balloon rides for both. Music, is one of my favorite things. I sing in the shower very often. I have an immense collection of songs. From heavy rock metal to really soft classical music. From soothing bagpipes to a relaxing guitar. Dancing is another hobby of mine. I have been dancing country music for the past 4 years. It has become the Thursday night activity of me and my friends. I'm Will. I was born in Perú and it was a dream for me to become a missionary for the LDS church. I went to school in Arequipa, Perú but when the time came for me to serve as a missionary. I decided to postpone my education in the pursue of my dreams. I have a beautiful family that I have been blessed with. We love each other a lot. We are a pretty normal family that has fights once in a while. I have a very stern dad that sometimes is funny. I have a very loving mother that has taught me the good things in life. I have an older brother that is almost perfect, except for just one thing. I also have two wonderful sisters. One that is as patient as Mother Theresa and the other one that requires the patience of Job to understand her. Since I was a kid, I was taught the importance of work and education. Work hard, play hard, and study hard were the mottos in my family.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because the teachings of the church helped me discover my true self. It gave me more understanding of who I really was in the whole scheme of things. It made me realized that God had a plan for me, and He cared for me in a very personal level. I was born in the Church. So when time came by I realized that I needed to discover for myself if the things that I have been taught were invented things or were indeed a remarkable way of living. I started by studying the scriptures very seriously and devoted myself to learn for myself the things that so long I had been taught. With time I realized that the way of living I was taught was indeed very different than the ways of living of some of my friends. It was not that they were not living right, but I noticed that I could live better than what I was living. So this is the reason why I chose to become a faithful member of the LDS Church. This my conversion story. It was simple but with time and effort it became magical and very rewarding. Finding those truths for myself was like finding a very worthwhile site on the internet. It was like finding a refuge in the middle of the night. Finding the Church and the beliefs I was taught as correct was the raft in the middle of the tide. This is the reason why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I try to live each day by example. I believe that deeds speak louder than words. I believe that the only way we show both our friends and family that we are becoming better people is by letting them taste the fruits of our labors. I believe that getting up in the middle of the night to help a friend in need is a true characteristic of a disciple of Christ. I believe that helping people move out of their apartment is a trait that should be considered remarkable. I believe that giving food and money to people on the street doesn't make us richer or poorer, and that we should do it more often. I have always adhered to my beliefs. Those beliefs have made me who I am right now. I know I'm not a perfect person. But I try each day to live better than the day before. I also believe that the small things in life are the things that can make us more true followers of Christ. Helping a widow in distress. Doing a dishes for a friend. Taking the trash out. Dropping somebody off at the airport. Those little things are the things that distinguishes us from the rest.