What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Evan

I'm a salesmen, a public relations specialist, a missionary, and Im a Mormon...

About Me

I enjoy public speaking, and developing marketing stratigies for products and services, spending time with friends, and baking cookies! I am currently serving as a missionary in the Canada Winnipeg Mission. I chose to go and serve a mission because I enjoy the peace that comes from understanding that God is real, he is there, and he loves me. He helps me know what to do to be successful and fullfilled. My faith in Jesus Christ has helped me go forward and overcome things in my life. This brings a lasting feeling of appreciation and graditude. I want everyone to have an opportunity to feel Gods love for them, and be guided by him to find comfort and direction. I know that the message I share as a missionary has the power to change lives, it changed mine...and continues to help me everyday. This message is that Jesus Christ lives he is our loving savior, he died that we might live. That through him we could find forgiveness for our sins, and ressurection from death. He established his church called twelve apostles to teach the things he taught them, to go forth and declare his gosple. After Christ was crucified, ressurected and returned to heaven His apsotles were slowly killed. Over time His church and the purity of his gosple was lost. However God wants us to recieve his gosple so he prepared a way for his gosple and his church to be restored to the world. I invite you to visit the Restoration of the gosple page via mormon.org under beliefs to learn more.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because the restored gosple of Jesus Christ allows all my deepest questions to be answered and gives me lasting comfort and assurance. That no matter what may be happing in the world around us we can find comfort in Christ and his teachings. I am Mormon because I can not deny the reality of God, and his love for each of us. I know that God loves everyone, therefore I could never deny the Book of Mormon. In which we learn that Christ established his gosple on the American continents as well as in the middle east. I am a Mormon because I believe in Prophets and Apostles have lead us to God in the past in the Bible and Book of Mormon and continue to lead and guide us today. I know with all my heart that Christ live and loves everyone, and wants very much for everyone to have an opportunity to recieve his gospel and come unto him. I know and testify that the only way to come unto Christ is through sacred ordinances such as baptism, by the proper authority of God. I know of a sureity that Gods authority or his Holy Priesthood was restored in its fullness to the Prophet Joseph Smith. Thus allowing us to recieve the fullness of the gosple of Jesus Christ. I know this with all my heart. I invite all to come unto Christ through his church. Learn more at: mormon.org/church

How I live my faith

I live my faith by serving a mission, and bearing my testimony to those who I talk to that Jesus Christ lives. I live my faith by sharing the message of the Atonement and applying it in my life, which tells us that Christ suffered and was crucified for us and our sins that we might over come all things through him. I live my faith by listing to the guidence and direction of mondern day prophets and apostles. I live my faith by looking to and coming unto Christ in Prayer daily to seek guidence, direction, and comfort. I live my faith by seeking continual growth through reading and studying from the scriptures daily. I live my faith by serving and helping others. Last but not least I live my faith by having a postive perspective of my life, knowing that through Christ I can be lead and guided to overcome any oppsticle that may stand in my way.

What is the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon is a record of scripture comparable to the bible. God loves all his children and wants them to have an opportunity to recieve his gosple, so through out time he has called prophets to go and declare his gosple to the people. Within the Book of Mormon is contained a record of the family of Lehi an ancient prophet from Jerusalem, who lead and guided his family to the americas. As well as a record of the people from the tower of bable. Through out the Book of Mormon prophets prophecy and teach of the Christs coming and his gosple. Near the end of the Book of Mormon Christ visits the people in the americas and establishes his church, calling and ordaining twelve apostles and giving them the authority to act in his name to baptize, give the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands, and administer his gosple. The Book of Mormon is centred on Jesus Christ and I promise that as you seek to learn more about it by reading from it you will feel Gods love for you more fully in your life. I invite you to pray about what you read to know whether it is true, and if it is of God. I have and I was told in my heart and in my mind that the teachings of the Book of Mormon are true. As I have read from it through out my life I have grown closer to Christ and I know you can too. Show more Show less