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Hi I'm Joseph

I served as a missionary in Romania. I'm the happiest newlywed you'll ever meet. And, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm starting to settle down in my new home in married student housing with my wife. We were recently married and are the happiest you could ever be. My wife is excite to finish school soon, and I'm excited to start my three year road to graduating as an engineering student soon. I come from a big family of eight. I have two older brothers, two younger brothers, and the youngest is a little girl. I was born in California, and my family has lived all over western Unites states, but since I was 6 my family has been a somewhat typical "Mormon" family living in "Happy Valley" Utah, and I've absolutely loved it! I've also enjoyed getting out and learning more about other cultures and religions as I've gone on a mission to Romania and as I meet new people every day. I've excited now to be preparing to start my own family. I hope to be able to give my family everything that I was given in my family growing up. I hope to teach them how to be happy, which is something I could never do without the gospel.

Why I am a Mormon

I want to be happy. I know that gospel of Jesus Christ is a guide to happiness. I received an answer as a teenager that the true gospel is found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. That's my answer put simply. The longer story involves lots of reassuring prayers to make sure that I was on the right path. I'm not a Mormon because it's easy. Though I have a feeling that in the long run it will be. I'm not a Mormon because the people are always good, nice, perfect people. That is often true, but people aren't perfect; they make mistakes. I'm a Mormon because I know it's true, and I couldn't say or do anything contrary to that fact. I know with all my soul, and every fiber of my being that it is the truth, God's power and priesthood has been restored to the earth. This is the one and only Church of Jesus Christ, and all can know if they sincerely ask, and seek God's voice.

How I live my faith

I do what God asks me to do. There's the easy parts, when I'm called to keep records for the men in my ward, when I'm given an assignment to visit a few families in the in the area, or when I'm taught that I need to serve as a missionary. I respond to those calls readily because of something God told me a long time ago, "This is my church. They are on my errand. I will enable those that I call." So, I accept those calls, grateful that I know exactly what I'm suppose to do to fulfill them. What's harder though is when I'm with my family, or among friends when I know I have a call to be like Christ, to be a loving brother, or a caring friend. I'll never know quite how to do that. I'll never perfectly fulfill that call. But, God gives little hints each day. He guides me in the moment, sometimes without me even noticing I'm sure. For this call I need to be ready at any moment to talk with my Father in Heaven, so I pray often to formally speak with Him, and study His scriptures to learn of Him, so that I can always be as close as I possible can.