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Hi I'm Jake Numbers

I love learning about the world and exploring nature. I love my family and would do anything for them. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am the oldest of five kids. I was born in Utah but now live in Missouri where I have the awesome opportunity to serve and share the gospel. I love canoeing, hiking, and camping with my brothers. I go to a small High School that gets cancelled every time it snows an inch. I spend my free time reading, running around, making movies with my bros, and spending time with my family. My favorite place to be is with my family, and I'm so grateful to know that I can be with them forever.

Why I am a Mormon

Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints allows me to feel such joy and happiness and completeness. I know that God has always had a plan for His children, and that they don't have to go through life wondering if He is there. He sent His Son to show us the way to return to live with Him again, and I know that Jesus Christ leads this Church just as He did when He lived in ancient Palestine. He lives now, and speaks to prophets and apostles again. I know that Joseph Smith truly did see God and His Son, and that through Joseph, Jesus Christ restored the fulness of His gospel to the earth. I love being a Mormon because I know that it's true, because I know that it is Christ's church. It answers all of my questions and fills all the emptiness of my life. Through this church, I have come to a knowledge of God and Jesus Christ, and I know that they are real and very, very aware of us. I know that living the gospel of Jesus Christ leads to the greatest happiness in this life and will allow us to return to live with God again in the next.

How I live my faith

Being a Mormon has taught me to work harder each day to be better than I was yesterday. My knowledge of the true gospel helps me make the right choice even when its not popular, and those choices have led to so much happiness. Everyday, I go to a youth scripture study class at 6:20 in the morning, and I can honestly say its the best part of the day! Sometimes, people say they think I'm in a box by all the things Mormons aren't supposed to do. But I know that when I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, I am truly freed from that box and my future becomes open to such a great potential--not just in this life, but in the next. Living the gospel of Jesus Christ has taught me so much about the role Jesus Christ plays in my life. He is everything to me. Everyday, I am so blessed to be able to draw nearer to Him. As I read about my Heavenly Father and His Son in the Bible and the Book of Mormon and other scripture, I feel such joy to know that He lives now, and that God is always aware of me. In the Church, I serve as a family history consultant, and help people learn about their loved ones who have passed away, and how we can be with them for eternity through the sacred ordinances of the temple. I know that God lives, and that because of how much He loves His children, He has given us a one true church on the earth that can help us to find all of the answers we long to know. The gospel of Jesus Christ completes my life, and I love it.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Jake Numbers
Prayer is one of the greatest blessings in my life. I have grown closer to my Heavenly Father as I have prayed to Him every day. When I am troubled by a problem or confused by a question, I know that I can always inquire of my Father in Heaven who knows me perfectly. I have come to know more surely that when I pray in the name of Christ, a loving Heavenly Father really does hear me! And I have felt His love as I have tried to be more like Him through prayer, study of the scriptures, service, and trying to be obedient to all of His commandments. One time, I looked out a beautiful field and realized that all of this testified that there is a God. I felt such a deep feeling of comfort and love. I add my witness that God does live, and that He cares about us and loves us more deeply than we can know. Show more Show less

Why do you have 12 Apostles? They were just meant to be around for the time of Jesus Christ, not to be replaced with new apostles.

Jake Numbers
I am so grateful to know that God speaks to prophets and apostles again! Through prayer and the power of the Holy Ghost, God can speak to us personally. But because of His great love for us, He has reestablished divine communication between Him and His servants on earth. The living apostles bear special witnesses of the Living Christ, and through their words, we can know what the Lord needs us to do at this particular time. The apostles and prophets are like watchmen on a tower, who are able to warn us of what we need to do in our lives to draw closer to God, to protect ourselves and our families, and how to do all the things necessary to live with God again. The Savior's church is "built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone". Just as Heavenly Father spoke to prophets throughout the Bible and the Book of Mormon, I know that He speaks to them again. I know that the words of the apostles are the words of Christ, which "if we follow their course, carry us beyond this vale of sorrow into a far better land of promise" (Alma 37:45). I know that God and His Beloved Son care and love us personally more than we can know. Our lives matter to them; what we do matters to them. I know that God wants us to succeed in returning home to Him, and through His Son, He has provided a way. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true, and I am so grateful that I could be blessed to have it in this life. Show more Show less