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Hi I'm Meg

I grew up in New England and the Midwest. I was a devout Catholic. I looked for answers in my 40's. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a Mom and Grandma who has worked both outside the home and in a home office most of her life. I joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1986 shortly before my first marriage ended in divorce. I was blessed by a second marriage in 1995 to an amazing man 22 years older than me. We each had two children when were married in the Dallas temple. Our family now includes 14 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. I love them so much. In July, 2015, my husband, then 93 years old, passed away from prostate cancer at home. It was sad to see him decline, but happy to know that he had such a wonderfully full life. He was a legend in the Dallas area among church members. I have realized that my happy marriage continues even though my husband is not physically present. I feel united with him by honoring his values, strengthening my faith and living the way he would, and God does, want me to do. In May, 2011, I got a late night telephone call from my daughter. My granddaughter, a beautiful girl and talented athlete, had been in an accident a day after her 14th birthday. She had broken her spine completely at the 4th neck vertebrae. She would be permanently paralyzed from the top of her chest down. The pain of this tragedy seemed overwhelming. This granddaughter has graduated with honors from high school and now attends Brigham Young University on scholarship. Through this girl's faith, her disability has been the means of inspiring countless others.

Why I am a Mormon

When I found out that Jesus Christ was alive and that I could follow him, I gladly agreed to follow wherever he would lead me. I decided that the things I didn't understand were not as important as the things I did understand. And I understood that the gospel of Jesus Christ was taught in its fullness in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was difficult to leave my Catholic tradition, since I had embraced it wholeheartedly. I had even been a member of a Catholic Secular Institute for five years. But once I recognized that there was more truth and light in the restored Church of Jesus Christ I made that transition. Good people helped me. I was happy to be a single mother with the light of the gospel showing me a way to successfully bring up my two children. We didn't have a father in our family, but we were a complete family with love, trust and faith in our family life. I wondered how we would be an eternal family. In the Church a father, mother and children who are living the principles of the gospel can receive a promise, or sealing, of their eternal family relationship in a temple. But we didn't have a father, because he had chosen to leave when I was baptized. Shortly before my son turned 19, I had been attending the temple when I understood, through a communication that could only have come from my Heavenly Father, that an older man, a widower, who was also in the temple would become my husband. Our marriage occurred just before my son left on his mission to Mexico. My daughter would be married the next year to a fine young Mormon man. And when my son returned from his mission, we received that promise and sealing of our family relationship. We have preserved a loving relationship with my first husband, and my son also has a beautiful family. I'm still struggling with understanding the purpose of the great tragedy that has come to my beautiful young granddaughter. I know the answers will come as my Savior has promised.

How I live my faith

When I was about 40 years old, I had questions such as "Does Jesus Christ live today and does he know and love me individually?" I received an answer that could only have come from a living and caring God. I learned to call him Heavenly Father and I learned that his Son is my Savior and indeed is alive and present in my life. I felt the influence of the Holy Ghost. I gained a testimony of the restored Church, the Book of Mormon and of Joseph Smith. Later, both of my children as young teenagers felt desires to be baptized. They have been great examples to me. With understanding I received, I went forward "turning not to the right nor to the left". The path was difficult at first, because my husband did not believe that I should leave the Catholic faith and chose to leave the family. After my divorce, I was unafraid to be single and felt that angels were helping me as a single mother. I received so much love from the members of my ward. I learned to participate in my local ward even though I was very shy at first. I served first as a cultural arts chairman and visiting teacher. Later, I was activities director for a single adults' ward. After my second marriage, my opportunities for service multiplied because my husband also had a commitment to serve the Lord. We served with the Church's Family Services working with unwed mothers. My husband and I served in the Dallas Temple. We spent 11 years working together part time at the Carrollton, Texas Bishop's Storehouse. In 2003, we served a year working in northern California as senior missionaries. I love working with people one on one and inviting them to see how the Church can bless their lives. Now I have been called to serve another full-time mission as an employment specialist in Boise, Idaho, starting in January, 2016. This service is only an outward sign of the inward joy I still have in finding that I have a Father in Heaven and a Savior to direct me in the paths of truth leading to eternal joy.