What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Denise

I am a convert to the Church of 36 years. That was 2 years after my husband, Steve and I were married.

About Me

I am a wife of 38 years; mother of 5 (3 girls and 2 boys); mother-in-law of 2 son-n-law and 2 daughters-in-law; Nana of 5 boys and 4 girls. When my children were young I was a Professional Volunteer - PTO, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4 H, and spent many miles on the road with a carful of kids to various sports fields and activities. I have a great love of all kinds of crafts. Also animals are a big part of my life and always have been. When my kids were living at home, we had a goat hobby - they bred and showed pedigree dairy goats. Our peek year we bottle raised about 20 kids and milked the mothers 2 times a day. In the late Summer and Fall we were usually at Fairs on Saturdays. At one point when most of the kids were in elementary school, I took my show on the road - well just their school and gave live animal demonstration. After the 4 oldest had moved on our youngest daughter decided that horseback riding was for her and then I found myself hanging around horse barns and horse shows. It was a great way to teach kids responsibility for other living things. And it was fun. I did go to college and finished with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology. Alway joked that I was fun on a nature hike.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? That is a loaded question. I am a Mormon because if I weren't what else would I be? I can no longer imagine living any other way. I was raised in the Catholic Church. I went to a Parish school, taught by Dominican Sisters. I was very active in the Church and when we moved away and I went to public school, I continued to participate in youth activities at the Church. I did not grow up in a household in which everyone was the same. My Mother had been raised Catholic but my Father was Lutheran and very active in his Church and in the Masons. when I was young I would pray for my Daddy because we were taught that non-Catholics could not go to heaven. As I got older my beliefs changed on their own without my even realizing it. I no longer believed in the trinity and literal changing of host and wine to the body and blood of Christ. I did know my religion well. I studied. When years later I came in contact with the missionaries and they started telling me the teachings for the most part my reaction was something like "of course that's true" because for the most part I always believed it. The Book of Mormon - sure there were other people around the world waiting for Jesus, we just now have proof thanks to Joseph Smith. I believe there will be other books brought forth in other parts of the world in the Lord's time. But believing these things and making a commitment to them were 2 separate things. By the time my husband and I had committed to baptism, it couldn't come fast enough. A whole new world opened up. The Church is a community that exists regardless of where you are in the world. There will be people to help you, to love and to serve wherever you go. It is the best community in which to raise a family. I know that the Church is true. That Jesus is the Christ. The Joseph Smith was a prophet who answered the call of God and that Thomas S Monson is the living prophet today who gets guidance for all mankind from God.

How I live my faith

I love being a Mormon. This is a Church of Service and I have had many opportunities to serve and to be served. Every member has a calling or job at Church, sometimes more than one at a time. In the years that I have been a member I have had quite a few callings - some I have loved, some not as much but I have learned from all of them. I have had several callings teaching in Primary which is somewhat like Sunday School for children who are from 3 to 12 years old. It is great for about 50 minutes we study scriptures or life lessons for the younger kids and then there is Sharing time during which there is singing, sometimes activities but all the time lots of fun. I have been in the Young Women's program in a couple of capacities. We would take turns teaching a lesson on Sunday and the on a weeknight there would be an activity or project that would help the girls develop into confident adults. I loved working with the youth. I have also worked in the Relief Society (Women's Organization) presidency a couple of times. Oh my there have been so many callings... One of my favorites was the three years that I taught early morning Seminay (scripture study for High School students). It was wonderful getting into the scriptures in such depth on a daily basis. I also came to truly love the students tat I taught. It is not easy for the kids or the teacher getting to the Church by 6 AM ready to learn but very much worth it. I would come home planning on going back to bed but never did. Instead I would get home and immediately start preparing the next day's lesson. When I think about callings, I have a real testimony of how important every one is. Also the callings we have outside the Church are important. It is only though our interaction with others not of our faith that they will know that we are a good people just trying to live according to the word of God.

What do Mormons believe about family?

One of the best teaching of the Church is that families can be together forever. This is such a comfort in times of loss of a loved one. Show more Show less