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Hi I'm Mark

Like you, I'm a child of God. I'm a happy husband/father/grandfather. I practiced law for 20 years. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a small town in Utah in the United States. I liked school, sports, Scouting, friends, outdoors, gadgets and books. I had a happy family life and still think my sister is a great person, my mother is wonderful and my dad was a great friend and teacher to me before his death. I was blessed with great friends, teachers and opportunities. I was a missionary in New York City, earned a degree in economics from Brigham Young University and graduated from Harvard Law School. While in college I met a wonderful woman to whom I've been happily married for over 30 years. We have great children and our first grandchild. I've had the chance to work with highly talented people in Silicon Valley on growing technology companies during a boom time in technological innovation, and my current work as a business consultant continues that effort. I also spend time in a volunteer church assignment working with college-age people--bright, wonderful, great folks--which I enjoy a lot. God has richly blessed us, for which I am grateful. I still enjoy a good hike in the mountains, backcountry snowmobile trips, photography (hey, if you can't draw, maybe you can take a photo!), spending time with family and friends and eating ice cream. I'm grateful to end my day with a prayer at night to thank my Heavenly Father for his help to meet daily challenges and for his ongoing blessings. I wish you and yours the best!

Why I am a Mormon

Simply put, I'm a Mormon because I have felt the Holy Ghost tell me that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Heavenly Father's vehicle for teaching us truths that will bless us in this life and the next and will provide us the opportunity to receive vital ordinances (like baptism). As a child, I attended church and followed in my parents' footsteps and beliefs. But in my later teens, I had to find out for myself if the teachings of the Mormon Church were true, and so I tested them using the methods that the church recommends, such as reading The Book of Mormon, praying to God to know whether it is true, living according to the teachings of the church and evaluating how those things affected my life and made me feel. I received my own confirmation and testimony of the truth of these things not once, but many times. (Sidenote: you can't test whether the church is true by going opposite its teachings and seeing how you feel--that only tells you how you feel by living a different kind of life--you have to sincerely test it to know.) Since that time I have had many experiences that answer both to my rather analytical mind (remember, I was trained in economics and law), as well as my more spiritual heart, that the Mormon Church has uniquely valuable teachings and authority that bring great joy to us even in today's mixed up world and will bring further joy in the life to come. As a side benefit, I get to interact with great people and have their advice, example, association and support. Why am I a Mormon? It is true and it works!

How I live my faith

My current church assignment is to work with young single adults aged 18-31. These are terrific young people who are making key decisions in their lives--school or not? missionary service or not? committed to the church or not? where to work? where to live? whom to marry? The questions are important and not so easy to answer. We try to help them. Sometimes they make mistakes and have to back up and try again. In a church sense, that is called "repentance" and is available because of the atonement of Jesus Christ. In a more everyday sense that is called "changing your mind" and is available because there is still time to learn and grow and test out where to go and what to do. I am a big fan of education because I think it opens doors, so I often encourage our young singles to pursue that. Besides my work with the young single adults, I try to be a good neighbor, citizen, friend and example. I have two families in my neighborhood that I visit almost every month as a "home teacher"--a person that brings a gospel message and gets to know the family and their needs. Sometimes we bring ice cream to the family members when it is their birthday. Other times we'll attend a child's sports or drama event. We check out the new local restaurants with another family who have become our friends as well as someone that we visit as a church assignment. More personally, I read in the scriptures pretty much every day. Some years I have read every day without missing one. I find that my days go better when I read to start them off. God gives me ideas, reassurance, peace and promptings when I do this and when I pray. My favorites to read are the New Testament (especially the four gospels) and The Book of Mormon. I also make it a point to pray night and morning. I do this in a quiet place, kneeling, and really try to communicate with my Heavenly Father. Sometimes I don't do it very well, but at other times I feel strong, clear inspiration that is a great blessing to me.