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Hi I'm Roger

I was born just after the second world war in London England and spent my growing years in Hertfordshire. I'm a Mormon

About Me

I spent the early part of my life living in a new town just north of London. I was educatedl at a local Secondary Modern School. On leaving school I became a soldier and saw life around the world and you might say furthered my education in 'the university of life' then after a decade or so I commenced running a business. During which time I was involved in local politics and founded a children's charity ensuring fun for children in need. Seeing the plight of our neigbours in far off Romania back in 1989 I decided to 'Do Something' rather than mutter words like Oh dear! Between work schedules in the UK I undertook to take small convoys of aid to those children in need in the former Eastern Bloc specifically in Romania (Transylvania) and so it is after twenty or more years of undertaking this aid work in Romania I fell in love with the people there and ultimately decided to retire in the lower foothills of The Carpathian Mountains in continuation of my voluntary charity work. I own a small guest-house Casa Roger (See Facebook) where I extend an invitation to others to come and see and embrace the wonders of this lovely country and most hospitable people I am the father of three grown up children and the grand father of eight little ones.Great Grandfather of one. I am in my seventieth year of life

Why I am a Mormon

What is life all about? We have all attended the funerals of friends and family and stood there weeping. I had to know more - What is life all about? Why are we here? Does it all end in a box? Then what should we do in this life? Nagging questions drove me to check it all out. The established ministries in England gave me little hope and so it was that I decided to do some research asking myself the question - What would Jesus do? At an early age I knew He was my Saviour and friend but which church? I decided the church I wanted to be a member of had to do things His way for instance the method of Baptism had to be the same as His baptism ie by total immersion. Authority was another question - Where does Authority come from? A college? No I concluded it does not it must come from God only He and He alone with His Beloved Son were the holders of such authority. Why do church's baptize children? Children are pure and have no need of baptism for the remmission of sins - they are not sinners and as littleones are incapable of sinning I thought. And so it was by a process of elimination I saw that there was just one church and that church was His Church named after Him - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. And there it is I am a Mormon and happy to declare it so. I believe the day will come when I will have to give an account of my life albeit I am imperfect I must strive to do my best. It is also my firm belief that it is not so important as to which station in life I ultimately arrive at it matters more to me that I tried to do my best and to help others along the way. I firmly and assuredly believe in the continuation of life after what we call death. I know The Soul is made up of a Spirit Body and a body of flesh, Bone and blood and I do know that our spirit body will leave when our time comes and travel on to return to God who created us in the spirit as offspring of Deity. I am far from perfect. I am far from knowing all things. I do the best I can.

How I live my faith

My time in retirement I spend running a small self catering guest-house encouraging people from around the world to come and spend quality time here in Transylvania. It is somewhat difficult for me as a lone member of my church to make regular visits to my nearest branch as I live some fifty miles away from the nearest unit of the church but my faith is strong having gained a strong testimony which holds me together so to speak. Whilst I have said I am in retirement I still actively try to live my religion; I hold weekly English Lessons teaching a class of over twenty young village children the basics of my language. I am actively involved in the small village where I live interacting with local people and supporting them whenever the need arises. Back in England I held many callings within the church and have years of experience to that end being alone now is tough but my faith is my strength and my testimony and knowledge of the gospel keeps me strong albeit I wish I could do more. As a trusted member of my adopted community one might say I am a natural ambassador for my church and indeed my home country. People observe my actions and so it is that my conduct is always on view which makes me happy. I guess I am alone but I am really not alone I have a worldwide and indeed nationwide circle of friends and am somewhat reluctant to say now a well known personality in Romania having been invited for interview on numerous national television channels over the last few years. I love my religion and I love the people here in Romania as they ask questions about my faith I enjoy responding. I am currently trying to build a small congregation here in the remote location where I live having just completed the building of a Little Chapel (Bisericuta) offering the best possible environment for a small gathering of investigators finally with a view to establishing a branch of the church here in the village. I also have a calling in The Sibiu Branch of The Church.