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Hi I'm Hailey

I grew up in the idyllic college town- Columbia, Missouri. I'm a junior high teacher and an actor/singer. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in central Missouri. Being one of few mormons in my area caused for some difficulties. However, I was very active in school being involved in musicals, choir, dance, cheerleading, basketball, track, and honors clubs. I was friends with a variety of kids. I moved to Utah for college and experienced the ups and downs of living away from my family, and gaining adult responsibilities. Utah State was the greatest college life I could have hoped for. During my years at USU, I moved to Orlando, FL for an internship at the Walt Disney World Resort. It was a challenging but extremely rewarding time in my life. I worked with people from all over the world! I got to be a part of making dreams come true for thousands of people every day! What an honor it was to work for the Disney Company for 7 years. I graduated with my BA from USU in History/Theater Education. I love teaching these kids. They are very difficult, especially the 8th graders, but I love being apart of their lives. I hope to make a positive impact on them by showing them I care and support their good choices and to help them succeed. I love to sing, read, watch movies, dance, run, work out, spend time with family/friends, cook/bake, learn, travel, ski, hike and many more! I am still singing and performing in community theater, of which I find the most happiness! Well, at least until I get married and have my own family. Hah! I'll just keep on keepin' on for I know God has a plan for me!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church, as my parents are both active members. Actually, my family history goes pretty far back. Joseph Smith Jr. is my 4th great uncle! My parents taught me the basic principles but I had to gain a testimony on my own. Around the age of 12, I was invited to read the Book of Mormon every day. I read it in a month. A 530 pg book of ancient scripture for a preteen is not easy to understand, but I couldn't stop reading. It made sense. The book & its teachings made me happy. When I finished it, I got on my knees and asked my Heavenly Father if it was true. I knew without a doubt that it was- tears running down my face, I could feel the power. It was an overwhelming "YES" and I've since then read the book many times. I could tell you many stories of life as a Mormon and why living the Gospel makes me happy or could list specific examples of spiritual experiences but when it comes down to it I believe 2 things; I know Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. And I know The Book of Mormon is true. It will bring you closer to the Savior. With these two facts, everything else falls into place. Pray and ask with an open heart so you can know too. Living the Gospel is not an easy thing, but it has made me happy. It gives purpose to my life. It gives me peace, comfort, support and guidance. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is just the mantle through which we return to live with God again. I am a Mormon because its the only way "home."

How I live my faith

I am involved in my local LDS "ward" and it makes me so happy. We are always working together to serve and support each other and the community. I love having activities every week with other single adults in my similar life stage. Because I am not married yet, I go to a Young Single Adult Ward and we do stuff together all the time. It's so wonderful to have a large group of people to be around that share my values and beliefs and can do wholesome, fun activities with one another. Not only do we have fun, I know I always have a strong support system to lift me during life's challenges. Individually, I also hold a "calling" within my specific ward. It is not a paid position, but instead service. My "calling" is president over all the women in my ward. It's about 85 girls that are between the ages of 18 and 31. I am constantly checking in on them, visiting them, bringing them treats, teaching lessons, and helping them with anything they might need. That is the main thing- loving, supporting, helping and teaching the women in my community. Every moment, every day of my life I try to live my faith. I don't just go to church on Sunday and call it good. I pray multiple times a day, I study my scriptures every night, I listen to prophets talks, I serve my fellow brothers and sisters, etc. I try to be as much like my Savior Jesus Christ as I can. He is my example, and through Him, I have the chance to become my best self, eventually to become like Him- which is what I want.

Why do Mormons perform baptisms for the dead?

My non-member friends had a hard time with this one too- I know it seems different, but it was actually done in "Bible days" as well. Remember, this is The Church of Jesus Christ, so we are doing all that Christ taught. Baptism is not a foreign practice. As I understand it, all Christian religions have baptism. So clearly, we all agree that it is an important part of our life. It's even more than just important. Baptism is an essential step to return to live with God again. That is why we are here- to return home to our Father in Heaven. So if baptism is essential to get to heaven, and it happens when we are on Earth, what about all those millions and billions of people who either died before being baptized, or lived in places where Christianity had not been? They are just out of luck? No. They have the chance just like everyone else. So, members of the church are being baptized in behalf of the deceased persons. They are all done by proxy. Then we believe they now have the option (key word... option) of accepting the ordinance in heaven or not. It is their choice. We are not forcing anyone to be baptized. If its an essential part of our entrance to Gods' presence, and it can only be done ON Earth, someone's gotta do it! It's the greatest thing ever! I am so happy I get to serve hundreds of people, whom I know are waiting for it on the other side. I have felt their presence while doing Baptisms for the dead in the temple and I know they are happy. Show more Show less