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Hi I'm Jerica

I grew up in Arizona. I love dancing and spending time with family. C

About Me

My name is Jerica and I am a young wife and mother of two wonderful and beautiful children. I have a boy, 2 years, and a girl, 6 months. I've been a member since age eleven. Although I am technically a convert, the Church has been ever present throughout my entire life. Almost all of my family are members and most are active. I have had my bouts of inactivity but I am proud to say that for the past couple years I have made a commitment to be at church every Sunday and my life has been all the better for it. I am currently waiting to start nursing school. I feel like this is the field I need to get my degree in right now for our family. My husband is currently a resource teacher. Basically he helps the kids that have learning disabilities and need extra help in school. He has started on his Master's degree in administration. Some of my hobbies include first and foremost dancing. I love to dance. The first time I can remember loving dance was at my cousin's house. We would listen to Nsync and come up with choreography for it. Then the first formal "lesson" I ever had was at a mutual activity. The couple in our ward that taught it were deeply into Argentine Tango. They taught us a little bit of single time swing but they put on a little show for us. It was then I knew I had to learn more. I went to college and took some classes, found a partner and started competing. It was the most fun I've ever had. I've since stopped competing but hope to pick it up again one day.

Why I am a Mormon

Like I said before, almost my entire family is a member. The Church was always around me. When we would visit cousins on the weekends, we would all get up on Sunday and go to church. It was normal for me. Because my parents were inactive for a long time we didn't go regularly. My friends asked me at school one day if I was baptized, I don't remember if they were members of the Church or not. I said no and they said no more. So I went home and asked my mom if I could get baptized. I just somehow felt that it was important. She called the missionaries and they came and gave us the discussions, my younger brother and me. We just ate it up. We couldn't get enough. And we were ten and eleven years old! Since, I've had my bouts of inactivity but I could never deny that the Church was teaching truth. I just couldn't. Throughout my life I have had angels watching over me, leading me in the right direction when I had no one to tell me. And when I stopped going to church out of my own accord, I felt like I didn't have that anymore. I felt lost. Nothing was satisfying. I could go out dancing as much as I wanted and still not feel better. I always felt something was not right. I know it was because I had tasted of the sweet and rich life that comes from living the gospel. And that is what the gospel is here for. Jesus Christ suffered for our sins so that he could set new conditions that could be satisfied by all. And those conditions are laid out in the gospel of Jesus Christ as taught by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was meant for us to follow, not because it will repay Him for what He did, however it will make us better. And that is the ultimate goal--to be the best we can be, perfect. I know that this is true. I have seen it and more importantly felt it in my own life. I know that this gospel is for everyone here on the earth. I know it will bless your life and make it richer than you'll ever know. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

How I live my faith

I just recently got called to serve as chorister for our women's meeting every Sunday. I haven't had a calling in a long time and I was actually excited to accept it. I know it may not seem like much but I know that music is very important in the Church and serves as a tool to invite the Spirit. I sometimes think that a song can bring the Spirit into a room quicker than any sermon. So I find it a privilege to choose the music for relief society every Sunday. My husband is not a member of the Church and so sometimes it is hard for me to get myself and the kids out of bed every Sunday to be there at 9AM. But I made a commitment that even though it's hard and he may ask me to stay, that I will invite him to come every week and still go every week that I can. When I first made this commitment it was hard. Sometimes I convinced myself that I wasn't missing anything by not going but when I eventually came to my senses and just went, there was always something said that I needed to hear for the week. I know that I am blessed every week that I go. And the weeks that I don't are harder, I am more frustrated, and have less patience. Getting myself to church is the main way I live my faith. After I take care of that, everything else falls into place. I don't yell at my 2 year old (as much, nobody's perfect), I am more okay when things don't go exactly right, and the whole week goes a lot smoother. I have noticed as well that once I made this my commitment, my husband started to support me more. Once he realized that I was serious, he was more helpful on Sunday mornings with the kids and less likely to just sleep the whole time I was gone. I'm sure one day I'll actually get him there but it will take a long time I'm sure. But I have the faith that like always, if I keep faithful, things will eventually fall into place. And by the time we get to church he'll be begging to go to the men's meeting like my son begs to go to nursery.