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Hi I'm Hyrum

I grew up on a farm, I love lifting weights, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Growing up on a farm has taught me to work hard. My brothers and our Father bond together as we work on the farm. I'm grateful to be raised in the country because it has given me love for nature and the outdoors. It has been a great experience to be raised with so much family time. Around harvest, my family gets together to husk corn to store it in freezer bags. We slice peaches and pears and store them in bottles. As we do so we spend time talking about anything. As a family, we often talk about what we can do to be better people and prepare ourselves for the future. I feel the moral lessons I learned growing up have been the backbone to my decision making. Thanks to my parents, I feel I am prepared to have a family of my own. I believe I know what to do when a difficult challenges happen because I talked about it at home with my family.

Why I am a Mormon

I learned about the gospel from a young age, and I have always felt so strongly that prophets are essential for God's children to know His plan and to be guided back to His presence. I love reading The Book of Mormon because it testifies of Christ as the Bible does. The scriptures help me know what Christ would have me do. Christ said, "If ye love me, keep my commandments." I believe that if I live by the teachings of Jesus Christ, I can find the most happiness. Like Christ, I can make the world a better place. Through Him, I can be better everyday.

How I live my faith

I know God wants me to be happy. Because of this I know he must support me as I pursue healthy interests. Among the many interests that I have, I love lifting weights. Being healthy and strong helps me feel good about myself physically and mentally. It takes lots of effort to reach my goals in the gym, but with steady work I've met all of the goals hoped to reach when I began lifting weights. Exercising my body helps me understand how people grow spiritually. It takes a lot of effort to learn how to overcome my weaknesses and become more pure as Christ was. Sometimes its painful to make changes. It's like we always say at the gym, "No pain, No gain." I believe in serving others. I served a mission in Salta, Argentina for two years teaching people about God's plan and how to come to know Christ. I have seen God's love for his children as he put people in our path who needed the blessings of the gospel. I have experienced the grace of Christ as he has forgiven me when I have repented of past mistakes. I know that he helps us, His Children, as we struggle to make our weaknesses strong and put our mistakes behind us. I believe that Christ always believes in us. I feel that he wants to help us make a better future for ourselves. I try to start everyday with the past behind me, looking to be more like Him today than I was yesterday.

How can we stop the spread and influence of pornography?

I believe we can prevent Pornography by showing more love to others. Pornography is objectification of our bodies, but loving others strengthens us spiritually. I feel that as we love one another, we would never want to do anything to objectify each other. I feel that pornography is a problem for many reasons. Pornography confuses people about the divinity of the family and the importance of marriage. It destroys the respect for our fellow men and women. It dulls our conscience. Pornography causes us to be irresponsible in the act of creating life. It tempts men and women to do things that devastate the happiness of marriages and children. As we learn to teach and live virtuous lives at home, we will feel blessings in our family. I feel that if we strengthen our marriages and our family relationships through love, others around us will feel that love and will lose the desire to objectify themselves and others through pornography. Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

One thing that members have in common is a perspective on life that gives them purpose and motivation. Every member is different. Members of our church are at different stages in their spiritual development, but overall members of the church are good, happy and successful. We desire to be good and happy because that is what the scriptures teach us to do. Mormon's use their individual gifts to serve others and to pursue their dreams and desires. We know that the Lord will take care of us as we work and make sacrifices, so we are very driven. Typically, Mormons are very family oriented people, who love to make friends and pursue their interests. We love to attend public events, comedies, marriages and baptisms. Mormon's live clean. We always keep our language pure, and although we don't judge others for the way they live their lives, we encourage those around us to be respectful of us. We believe that being clean provides a better atmosphere for people to improve themselves and to find peace and happiness. Show more Show less