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Hi I'm Chris

Im dad of 4! Two girls & twin boys. Im a training manager for the number one animal health company, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Im Chris. Im a dad of four kids, 2 girls and 2 boys (twins). I graduated with a degree in Communications and Business. Shortly after graduation my wife and I (and no kids at that time) moved to south Florida, for a job offer I received, probably mostly because I speak Spanish as a second language. We loved it there! I worked in the Animal Health industry (though I'm allergic to animals) at an awesome pharmaceutical company, where I educated and sold veterinarians animal medications. Eventually I was promoted where I trained new employees and helped launch new products. Things were going great, when my wife and I (and now 4 kids), sadly felt (and for no other reason than that feeling) change was coming. About that time, my father-in-law owned a peanut butter company and told us he was thinking of retiring or selling it. My wife and I knew this was the "change" we felt was coming. I asked him if he would hire me, as I'd love the chance to see if we could really grow the business on a more national level. Next thing we knew, we packed up, left beautiful Florida, that great company, and all its promise, for the colder Midwest. Since moving here, (and two freezing winters), the business is growing and we are coming out with fun new products. My father-in-law is about to leave for three years to server a church mission! Yep, I guess that leaves me I charge. Ready or not, let the fun begin! Oh by the way, I'm also allergic to nuts ;)

Why I am a Mormon

If I had to sum it up simply in one word, it would be "Faith." Faith is a word many use, but I feel is often understood. It may start off small, but with nourishing can grow. I had a simple desire to know if being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was important or right. That desire to know, was sufficient enough to lead me to "experiment" or do some of the teachings taught in the church. As I did, I felt happiness and truly began to see what was being taught was good. My desire to learn more grew, and so did then my dedication to keeping all of the teachings and commandments. Desire fed obedience and then obedience fed desire. Its an amazing cycle. Even though I felt as though I had experimented and now knew it was good, I had learned that I can also ask my Father in Heaven and He will answer me. I wanted to know for myself, from the only being that I knew was full of truth and light. So again acting, I prayed. My answer? I didn't see, or hear anything. I felt! Thoughts of the good things I had done and was trying to do entered my mind. I recalled the way those things were stirring me and helping me to desire to be a better person ran through me. All the while the "feeling." A feeling of happiness and relief! It was true. Where did those thoughts and feelings come from? The Holy Ghost! An actual member of the Godhead had communicated to my mind, and to my heart the answer of My Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ. I knew it was true! So, now, there are still tough days, and there are trials, as there must be opposition in all things. But in those moments of trials, my mind goes back to that experience, and feeling I received from doing as well. I received an answer for my self, from My Father, by the Holy Ghost. What comfort, peace and strength I receive knowing that, and it acts as divine help to assist me in getting through those difficult times. My faith, that was a seed, has grown, and the fruit is delicious!

How I live my faith

I live in a great neighborhood, with great neighbors. I try to get to know them, befriend them, and serve them and with them. This often times leads to questions about the way our family lives, and why we do what we do. What a great opportunity to share values and the teachings of our Savior Jesus Christ, which make us happy, with others! Also, as a family, we have learned that though there are may fun things we want that we could buy, do we "need" them. What we found is, rather than always buying those things, looking for opportunities to give to others really "in need." The needy aren't just the poor. They can be the fatherless, the widows or single parents, the elderly etc. There are so many around us, desiring, but lacking real needs. Not just money (though it may be), but time, service, friendship etc. We found by putting others "needs" above our "wants," has lead our family to become much closer, as well as cheered up the lives of many. Its not what the world really encourages (buy everything you can, and enjoy "life" to the fullest) but we feel its what our Savior wants us to do, and would also do if He were here. After all, isn't that why we really are here? To learn to submit to the Father in all things and like our perfect example Jesus Christ, learn to say "Not my will, but thine be done."