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Hi I'm Auralie

I live in beautiful North Wales. I'm into local sustainability. I'm the mother of 9 gorgeous children. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Family is the well from which I draw joy and inspiration, and most of my activities and interests reflect that. Motherhood is the crowning glory of my life, and the majority of my time is spent at home, managing the household, and working in concert with my husband to nurture and care for our children. I enjoy the simple pleasures of a life rich in relationships; the music and song, the laughter, the learning. I do laundry, bake, read stories, water the garden, resolve conflicts, scrub toilets, pay library fines, find lost shoes. I do a lot of watching, listening and applauding. I love it! I like to spend time with my husband, walking by the sea, or in the hills. We also enjoy doing genealogy together. I like to learn things, especially practical things. I enjoy creative pursuits, and can't pass by a craft shop without experiencing the compulsive urge to buy a skein of wool, some coloured paper, or maybe just a wee bit of fabric... The beauty and power of the natural world have always moved me. One of my earliest memories is watching snow swirl and dance outside the window of my childhood home. My husband and I are interested in sustainability issues, and have a lot of fun dreaming up ways to create a more energy-efficient home. We are novice gardeners, and try new techniques and crops each year.

Why I am a Mormon

I was brought up by loving parents, in a home rich in learning but devoid of religion. While I had many spiritual feelings as a child, as my parents introduced me to beautiful music, the security of a close family circle, and the wonders of the natural world, I knew very little about the meaning of my existence. As I grew into my teenage years, the questions I had about the nature of happiness, the purpose of life, and the state of the soul after death weighed upon me. I observed that very few people seemed to be truly happy (or even remotely happy), despite the fact that the pursuit of happiness seemed to be the main object of humankind. Also, I found it distressing to consider the futility of toiling and sacrificing to preserve life, build relationships, or create things that all die and have an end. Essentially, I took a deep look at the human situation and it made me feel kind of depressed! I thought, "There has got to be more to life than just being born, learning, loving, hurting, working, then dying". Around this time, I became acquainted with some members of the Church and felt that they had a special joy and peace about them, a radiance of goodness, if you will. Although I was very sceptical about religion, I began to consider some of their beliefs on the topics I had been longing to understand. The most important thing they shared with me was the concept of being able to gain knowledge about spiritual things directly from God. For the first time in my life, I was introduced to the idea that God, an all-powerful, all-knowing being, was so interested in me and close to me, that I could just ask Him stuff, and He would actually answer me. I didn't even know if God really existed, but I decided that if He did, I would like to know about it. I decided that I would kneel down and try out this thing called "prayer", and talk to someone I couldn't see, and ask Him if He really existed. I prayed, He answered, and I discovered for myself the truth.

How I live my faith

Simply put, my faith is centred in Jesus Christ, and each day I try to live in such a way as to serve Him, honour Him, and grow closer to Him. Specifically, I read the scriptures each day and try to understand more about what Jesus taught, and how I can apply those things in my life. I pray to God often, thanking Him for the many gifts He sends me, and asking for understanding about what He would like me to learn and do as I go about my day. I feel a special closeness to God, and a lot of joy and purpose as I work in my home. As I feed, clean, dress, instruct, comfort, support, and counsel our children each day, I remember that they are God's precious children, and that He has entrusted me with their care. I know that He is pleased when I treat them with respect and love, and I know that I can ask Him for assistance when I struggle, and forgiveness when I fail. Likewise, I feel really inspired in my role as a wife, and find great happiness and reward in seeking to support, love, counsel, and care for my husband. Our marriage and friendship is strengthened as we invite God into our life, and apply the principles of love that Jesus taught and lived. While I feel the main way I live my faith is how I treat people at home, I'm also a big believer in the power of community. I think little acts of kindness go a long way to creating a better society. I try to lend a hand wherever I can, whether it's helping raise funds for our local school, volunteering with the Guides, helping with our local Eco Fair, or simply smiling and greeting others cheerfully. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I believe that we are all God's sons and daughters. The Church is like a big family, with each one pitching in to benefit all. Each month, I go out and visit some of the other women of the Church, just to share friendship and see if there is anything I can help with. On Sundays, I teach a scripture study class for young children, and lead a singing time.