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Hi I'm Parker

I grew up in Texas. I ran my High School Jumbotron and News Station. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in Utah but spent most of my life growing up in West Texas. There were't a lot of Mormon kids my age so I made friends that even though they weren't Mormon, shared the same values as me. I got into choir and newscasting all through junior high and high school. As a result I had the chance to work closely with profesionals and others in the news industry. When I graduated from high school I stuck with the decisition I had made as a child and prepared to serve a mission for my church. It was hard to leave my friends but I never once regretted the choice to go and spread the word to others not of my faith. Althoug I chose to serve a mission it wasn't for me, but instead for the people I would be serving. I love that I am able to bring understanding and joy into the lives of those that may not have been able to learn about God and his son Jesus Christ. I was taught a phrase early in my mission, and it will stick with me until my dying day. Do your duty, that is best; Leave unto the lord the rest.

Why I am a Mormon

Even though i grew up in the church, I still have a strong belief in what is taught. I was never much for being the smartest or the most focused during church but there came a point where I wanted to find out for myself if the religion i was practicing was really true. So as a result, one night I was reading the book of Mormon, not really for any reason but more because its something I always just did, I read a passage in the book of Moroni chapter 10 verses 3 through 5. The main idea of what I read was that if I prayed and asked my Heavenly Father if what I was reading is true, then I would know without a doubt whether it was or was not. So, I took Moroni's challenge and did just that. My experience wasn't miraculous, or even that amazing really. All I knew, both in my heart and in my mind, was that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Book of Mormon, and The Gospel as a whole were true. I know that all you have to do is pray, with nothing wavering, and God will answer you.

How I live my faith

I took as many oportunities as I could to help others in any way possible. I spent a lot of my time working at a grocery store that was all about service. Our responibiliy as employees was to greet everyone we came in contact with and ask them what they need. It wasn't a hard thing to do but I could always tell that the person I was talking to appreciated me taking time out of what I was doing to ask them how they were doing, if they needed anything, and most importantly always having a smile on my face. I never really realized how important it was to smile until I say others crack a grin while I was talking to them about their day.

What is the Book of Mormon?

As I learn and grow on my mission I realize more and more that the book of mormon is for all to see and use. The Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religon. I use the Book of Mormon every day and I know that I am blessed through its teachings. The things you can read are not just words written long ago, but can be applied each and every day to us in our lives in an infinite number of ways. I have seen and know that I will continue to see that the Book of Mormon can change lives and can teach things that you never would have realized on your own. Show more Show less

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Growing up in Texas I was asked this question a lot and every time I heard it I said the exact same thing. I am serving a mission because every day I would think to myself, "Christ gave his life for me, why shouldn't I give just 2 years of my life to him. I always said I would serve a mission, and I was true to my word. I know that mission service not only will change my life, but will help me bring others to Christ. My favorite phrase about missionary work is: "Missionaries are men and women who leave their families for 2 years so that others can live with theirs for eternity." I know that to be true and thank the Lord that I can be a tool for good in his hands. Show more Show less