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Hi I'm Tania

I'm a Mormon; Born& raised in good ole MN. Although I say I'm not fond of the cold, I've been here most of my life!

About Me

I'm a student, studying social work with an emphasis in counseling. I figure with the turbulent economy, a social work degree will allow for some flexibility. Social work is a broad field that covers everything I can see myself doing; I'm a people person and I love to help others. I have 2 part-time jobs working with children ranging from K-12th grade. I like martial arts, animals, and being outside; if only I had more time for extra curriculum activities these days... I put my profile up to share my testimony about how I came to be a Mormon; especially for those friends I don't see or talk to as often : )

Why I am a Mormon

I was drifting for many years when it came to my faith and truly knowing Jesus. Much of what I knew about the Bible and God didn't come from my family at home. After I visited Faith Baptist Church for their Vacation Bible School at about age 5/6, the church became a second family to me as they were sure to pick me up every Sunday (& then some) so I could attend Sunday School & Church. As an adult I have always felt very blessed to have had that experience as I child. Looking back I remember that I fell out of the church life as a teen and I lived somewhat rebelliously during those years. I continued to lived life my way for many years even though I always knew I needed to get back on God‘s path. When I started college, I became conflicted about my religious beliefs after an ethics class discussion about the Bible. Further down the road, after studying Religions of the World, I still hadn't come any closer to Jesus. It wasn’t until I met the missionaries in early 2012, that some of the pieces I learned about our history of when Jesus walked the earth, his church during that time, and the different denominations that came to be afterwards, had come together in my mind. I became grateful for what I had learned from that class because it helped with making what I learned from the missionaries easy because I could recall learning it from Religions of the World. When the missionaries shared the story of how Joseph Smith pondered for some time, studying the Bible repeatedly and praying to God about the truth.....(therefore, eventually restoring the Gospel and the true Church of Jesus Christ), I was able to put those pieces together and accept the True Gospel of Christ. Ever since this time of learning and growing with the missionaries, I have continued on this path as a Mormon of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

How I live my faith

Since I became a member I have accepted my calling in the church as visiting teacher coordinator. Although this is still new to me, I'm learning and growing from all aspects of visiting teaching because I am the coordinator, I am also a visiting teacher and I am taught by my visiting teachers as well. If asked to define what/who visiting teachers are, from what I have learned so far, I would say we are the women of the church who look over other women of the church. We do this to ensure spiritual growth and to ensure that no one is struggling or has any unmet needs. The Church of Jesus Christ has a topic that we focus on each month and as visiting teachers we reach out to those we have been "assigned" to and we teach them and look out for them. For example, I am paired up with another young lady and our goal is to be sure that all of the women we have been assigned to, are doing okay and if there is a need, we do our best to help them or let church authorities know so they can help take care of that need. As a visiting teacher, we make sure no one goes hungry, no one is lonely, no one is struggling; we look out for one another to be sure that our needs are met and we take care of one another in that aspect. As the visiting teacher coordinator, it is my job to connect with the women to ensure this is being done and report necessary information monthly. In our busy lives, sometimes it's hard to connect with others or make time so this has been a pleasure for me to be able to visit teach my friend. As a hard working wife and mother of 3, I try to lighten her load by treating her and her family to a nice meal in hopes of giving my friend a break from her daily duties at home. It has been a pleasure for me to spend time with her and learn from our conversations and hopefully that "one meal break" from our cooking helps her out too. I live my faith by striving to do & be the best that I can be and to learn as I grow in Christ.

What is the Law of Chastity?

I was never taught anything close to the Law of Chastity until the missionaries taught me. I could see how detrimental sex had been over the years to a lot of people around me, including myself. Single mothers all around without fathers for their child(ren) is one of the saddest issues that I can think of.. So, when I read about the Law of Chastity, I knew this was God's Will and this was how it should be. Chastity isn't just about physical intimacy between husband and wife, it includes ones thoughts, words, and actions too. This might sound extreme to some but it's true. I'd say this, especially for those who haven't practiced the Law of Chastity to start. One must repent and become clean again if one has broken the law of chastity. One should practice complete chastity to stay strong and on God's path. Satan knows our weaknesses and will temp us to stray away from Heavenly Father. Thoughts and words can plague your mind with lust and could lead to action. If you practice and pray, you can change those negative thoughts into positive ones. Keeping God's commandment will bring him closer to us; we will be more receptive to the Holy Ghost's influence in our lives and we will be blessed with happiness and self-respect among other blessing in store for those who obey. Show more Show less