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Hi I'm Jon Hansen

I'm a dancer, musician, and performer, who is fascinated with psychology, philosophy, and computers, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Jon. I'm planning on doing both psychology and computer programming, one as a career and one as a hobby. I haven't decided which is which yet. I'm also quite musical, a bit poetic, slightly artsy, generally surreal, with a strong flair for the dramatic. I try to do everything 120%, including things like talking and eating. Also I'm really logical but its hard to tell because I'm so spastic. I'll describe me in one word for you: "Hunger". The word describes my attitude towards everything; I always hunger for more experience, more knowledge, more growth, more food, more attention, more spirituality. Go big, get better! It never stops; I'm never satisfied. It just feels too good to be moving, to be progressing. Progression is also a huge part of the Gospel, and that's where it resonates with me most. You aren't here to be stagnant, you're here to be more. In short, I'm here, to be hungry. I'm currently serving a mission in Jackson, Mississippi. Greatest experience of my life. There's so much personality here! I just want to put the entire state in a bottle and stick it on my windowsill. I'm blessed to enjoy the experience so much; this is a time when I'm able to devote all my energy to serving the Lord. Its a very cool thing, to walk with God as closely as I try to right now.

Why I am a Mormon

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is everything that Christ's church should be. Heavenly Father's love for us manifests itself when we're doing the right thing, and this church is the right thing. This is something that has been manifest to me, and it will to any earnest seeker of the truth. Prophets speak of the truth of the gospel, when given through the Holy Ghost, becomes "woven into the very fibers of your being." This is what has happened with me. In the words of Joseph Smith: "I know it. And I know God knows it. And I cannot deny it." We've really got something special here. I try to share this with others. We want all to embrace it. We want you to have the joy that we have. Come and see.

How I live my faith

I'm currently serving God on a full time mission. Its great. I try to show people the happiness of the gospel and be a strong example of faith/courage/happiness/everything to others, as I'm grateful when other people are examples for me. For example, I used to play lots of video games, my favorite being a tiny open-source game called Bitfighter. In some games, tempers run high; things can get competitive. Its understandable, but I make it a point to always be someone that others can look up to. I never chew people out, I try to never fuel fires or make things a negative experience for others, I try to always be a happy and cooperative teammate, because I'm a Mormon. And being a Mormon means that to me. I pray, I read the scriptures, I search for truth. I keep the commandments and live worthy to hold the Priesthood. I talk to people every day about the gospel. I try to act, think, and say the things the Lord would be have me do. How I live my faith? Faith is rarely giant shows of heroism, or the big things. Its just a quiet and influential part of who you are.

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

Jon Hansen
"The Law of Tithing" means that we give 10% of our income to the Church. Tithing is our way of giving back to the Lord. We benefit from doing so in several different ways. First, we honor the Lord and acknowledge all we have been given by him. Second, we benefit by becoming less attached to material things in life. Third, we benefit in that by being obedient to a commandment, the Lord is then able to bless us in return. You will find many stories of people being extremely tight on income and deciding to pay their tithing, and then being blessed with just the miracle that they need. When we keep the commandments, we are blessed. In many instances, it really is as simple as that. Show more Show less

What is faith?

Jon Hansen
I'm still learning about this one myself. Faith is the way miracles happen; it is by faith that Noah built a boat, that Moses parted the red sea, and even by faith that Jesus himself healed people. There's even an instance where Jesus goes to a city and "because of their unbelief could work no miracles, save healing a few sick". So faith is a pretty important thing to learn about. What I understand so far is that having faith is more than belief and even more than action. If I just "Have faith" that God *can* answer my prayer, then I have nothing to lose. If God doesn't answer said prayer, then I can explain it away as either I did something wrong or God has other plans, or whatever. But if I have true faith, and I really, actually believe that God *will* answer my prayer, and then act on the belief that I will get an answer, no matter how risky, that is faith. To have faith is to actively move oneself in accordance with God, and not simply to wait for God to move me. Faith is when I translate the theoretical into active practice. C.S. Lewis uses an analogy that a person on a cliff can say all day that a rope will or won't hold him, but you never know until you actually try to let the rope hold your weight. Show more Show less