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Hi I'm Peter Maughan

I grew up in the majestic city of Seattle Washington. I am living in Veracruz Mexico. I am a Mormon.

About Me

In my free time I like to read about things. I read about almost anything whether it be the development of the polio vaccine by Jonas Salk, Psychological tendancies, kinistetics or vague greek mythology in fantasy books. I like going out hiking in the pacific crest region around Washington and I love listening to good mood music. I think that music really relates to whatever we´re doing at the time. For example, when I am doing yard work I like to listen to Zack Brown Band but when I am working out I will listen to things that are more fast paced like Nirvana. I was going to college and I will return to college in a couple of years to study Finance and I plan on getting my MBA so that I can work in the financial services field. I am an Eagle Scout. I played football in highschool although I wish I had joined the math club. I enjoy cooking and learning how to do new things. I am always trying to become better at something new although I haven´t ever focused on one thing for a long time. Right now I am working on learning how to be ambidextrious because being left handed is a hassel when everything is made for right handed people. Last summer when I was working I did lawn care - namely I was aerating and thatching lawns. My first job was doing construction in downtown Washington. I've always done jobs that involve manuel labor which is part of the reason I want to get an education. Right now I'm pretty young but I think I'll mature a lot soon and find the next step life.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I feel love and purpose when I excercise my faith. I have never had a very good relationship with my father. I know that many can relate to that kind of situation which is why I am sharing that about myself. When I was growing up in the church I felt as if instead of not having a father I had many fathers who I could learn from. The men who went to my church are remarkable indivuduals and they all have so much that they taught me as I matured and learned what it meant to be a man. I know that without their help to understand life I would be a completely different person. For a time I was pretty unhappy and I wondered what makes people happy. I came to the conclusion that I should go for a walk and see what was making happy people happy and unhappy people unhappy. I walked over 13 miles that day and I saw many things. I came to the conclusion that family, service and purpose make people happy. I know that there are higher purposes than merely obligation or perhaps working for things. I know that there is community service and then there is service by uplifting others. I know that family is very important and I know that families can be together forever through God. Despite all the wonderful things that have been brought into my life through the Mormon Church I had to read the Book of Mormon to know whether or not it was true. I have read the Book a couple of times. When I started to read the Book I came to the conclusion that if the Book was true a number of things were also true- namely: the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, that Joseph Smith was a Prophet and that the Priesthood Authrority had been restored. I finished the book a little later and I know that it is true. I am currently going on a mission to help others to know that it is true too. I would encourage anyone to read it and to ask for themselves if it is true or if it is not. Those are really the only two options, either it is the truth or it is a lie.

How I live my faith

When I was living in Washington I participated in my faith in many ways. To start off I would go to church every week for three hours on Sunday. On Wednesdays I would go to a youth activity and hopefully prepare for one of the monthly campouts on the weekends. Every morning before school I would go to a class to learn more about the scriptures. I always enjoyed going to learn about the scriptures before school because it helped me to remember what I should be doing when I was learning in Highschool. For a while I was part of a group who would organize dances for the youth in our area. We would decide on themes that everyone would try to match when they came to the dances. It was a lot of fun when we came up with good themes. Sometimes they were just goofy like awkward prom or sometimes they were just flambouyant when we would encourage crazy neon but everytime they were a lot of fun. As a became older I started to realize that I was a siginificant influence on the younger people my church and I tried to be an even better exmaple to them as I headed off to college. I made sure that I excelled in everything that I did when I was away so that I would be able to come back and encourage everyone back home that they could be incredible. I always try to let everyone know how many great things they can accomplish through consistent effort. I have left my home country to spread a message of hope and love that is in our church. Currently I am working to become better with the language so I can convey my thought and ambitions to others so I can encourage them to learn more and become better. I know that through the Christ everyone can feel more love and more meaning in their lives than they would have through any other medium. I pray, read and think about Christ to receive more knowledge about his love daily. I understand that we are meant to learn and grow through all the things we experience, whether good or bad we are meant to learn.