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Hi I'm Catherine (Cat) Redd

I am from a small Utah town, I am about to graduate from college, I love southern food and I'm a Mormon! =)

About Me

I am just a small town girl from Utah. I grew up with a stay at home mom and a farming father. Both of whom I love very much. Growing up I didn't have much to do with the farm because I was the youngest and was always left home with mom. Not to mention I wasn't a fan of the dirt, the stink and the cows that were bigger than me. However, after my freshman year of college I decided that for the summer I would go home and help my father on the farm on a daily basis. Doing so taught me good work ethic and discipline. I attended Snow College for two years and am now at Utah State University about to graduate with a Bachelors of Science degree in Agriculture Economics. People often ask me, "So what do you plan to do with that major?" Honestly the only answer I can come up with is, "To be a Mom." Sound silly? Maybe, but I believe that that is one of my purposes here on earth is to gain as much knowledge as I can and continue my education, then when the time is right that I can be married for eternity to my husband, I can raise my children and teach them the things I have learned in church, in my home, in school, and through my daily experiences here on earth. I'm served in the Florida Tallahassee. I served in Geneva, Dothan and Eufaula Alabama. I loved the food, but mostly I loved the people 'round there!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I want to be. I had a friend in high school say "You can't have fun. You can't drink, party, be immoral, etc." I told him, I could because there isn't anybody literally holding my hand yanking me away from any of those things but I told him it is the choice I make to not participate in them.So why am I a Mormon? It is the joy I feel when I am close to my Heavenly Father when I am doing what is right; It is the joy I feel when I am with my family knowing that I will get to be with them forever; It is the joy I feel when I am hanging out with my friends or on a date and we can have fun without doing the things that would ruin our well-being; It is knowing that I will get to see my sister who passed away and my brother who died as an infant; It is doing work for the dead in our temple and looking forward to the day when I can be married and sealed to the man I love; It is the joy I feel when I get the rare chance of talking to my estranged sister and knowing that through the power of the atonement he can help me forgive her. Pure happiness comes not from the things of the world, but from knowing the I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father who loves me and I love him. That is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I've always been surrounded with great examples and friends who believed the same things I did. In high school I was a Cheerleader. Yes, we sometimes get bad reps for being rude or party girls. And yes, some were. Especially during my freshman and sophomore years of cheering I learned interesting things, and some girls didn't have my same standards. I was able to hold onto the things I knew were right and were not swayed by their pressure. Then the school highered a new coach for the last two years of high school. Things dramatically changed... for the better! All of us girls got along, it was easier to stand for what I believed and I was proud to be part of a cheer squad that no longer upheld those stereotype names or behaviors. I was nervous to leave home and go to college because I thought I might slip and lose hold of the iron rod. Thank goodness for goodly parents who instilled in me a desire to attend church on a weekly basis, attend institute and fulfill my callings. Not to mention roommates who also attended church regularly, but also a roommate who didn't, who I wanted to be an example for. Some may call me the wild child and I am not a perfect person whatsoever. I have not always walked on the strait and narrow, but it is the love of my Heavenly Father and the knowledge I have of this gospel that keeps me coming back when slip.