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Hi I'm Alycia

I enjoy the simple things - Bookstores, fortune-cookies, running outside, and drawing cartoons. Let your life be fun.

About Me

As a child we all dream big. We're going to become a professional athlete, a teacher, a famous singer, or a fireman. It seems like somewhere between childhood and adulthood those hopes get lost in reality. I still haven't woken up to that yet. I'm still drawing picutres with crayons, and hoping to someday be a "famous" artist. I never lost that dream...and actually the dream gets bigger every day. But why not? If I die before I hit that dream, I won't ever regret having that hope and having something to work towards. Someday I'm going to work at an animation studio, travel someplace exciting every few years, have a few kids....it's going to be grand. And, you know what? it already is grand because my life is full of color, adventure, music, and people whom I love.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because there's no denying that feeling that I get when I read, ponder and pray. The feeling at church, or when I'm reading, it just can't be mistaken. I'm very analytical, and each time I approach The Book of Mormon with a concern or question about God, or some point of doctrine, I can always find an answer. I grew up with all of these principles taught to me, and I lived the principles because it's something I knew I should do. Then in High School I had a life-shaking trial in which the world that once brought nothing but happiness, joy, sunshine and rainbows became dark and scary. My eyes were opened, and I suddenly saw all of the sorrow and pain that was all around me. It was then that my faith was shaken. Why would God allow this pain? But it was in those darkest moments that I began to rely on my Savior. I began to pray with everything I had. I began to notice how desperately I needed God. The only way to find peace was to turn to Him, and it was then that I finally say how much He wants to help. Sometimes He does let us suffer, but that experience shaped who I am more than anything since. Now I know for sure that He is there and that His son Jesus Christ has felt all of our pains. I know that He suffers when we suffer. I know that The Book of Mormon does bring peace and answers. In this world that offers so much despair, there is a way to swim ashore. You are not alone.

How I live my faith

There came a time in college when I asked God in prayer, "what good am I doing in the world. I mean, look at me! I draw pictures all day, while there are people out there saving lives!" Doctors save people in Physical pain. Therapists save people in emotional pain. What can I do? What could I share with others to make their lives better? And then I started to look at the lives of the people around me. There are many people in Spiritual pain, and they need what I have. The truths and peace that I have found through the Gospel of Jesus Christ can help ALL people. Once they learn what I know, they can go through life with the confidence that they can make it through any trial, because they have the Lord on their side. So alas, I am going away for 18 months to teach people about the love that God has for them, and how badly He wants them to return to Heaven with Him, and teach about the resources He has given us to guide us back home. You might ask : How is my life impacted every day because of my beliefs? I pray when I wake up for direction throughout the day, and then ask for specific help when struggles arise. Then I face those challenges with confidence that I have the Lord's assistance and support. I read The Book of Mormon every day, and it helps bring light and direction. During that study, I'll often find answers to questions I'd had that day and it always seems to help with decisions I need to make. (I'm horrible at making decisions..there's so many things to factor in, you know?) During the day I avoid activities and situations that would cause me to be unworthy to receive that guidance that I receive from the Lord. He's there to help us and wants to, but there is so much temptation out there that can block that communication. And then at the end of the day, I go to Him and council with him about things that happened during my day. My relationship with my Father in Heaven is one that I need and one that I cherish.

What is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' attitude regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage?

I have many friends (Mormons and also non-Mormons) who have homosexual inclinations. We are all faced with different temptations. Romans 1:24-32 and Leviticus 20:13 clearly state that homosexual marriage is contrary to God's law. I'm sure this is a super hard thing to follow for some, but this life wasn't meant to be easy, because the Lord wants us to learn that we need Him, and God promises that He "giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save He shall prepare a way that they may accomplish the thing which He has commanded them." I don't look down on people with this struggle and neither does our Father in Heaven. Show more Show less