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Hi I'm Ellise Weaver

I'm a housewife and mother, author, and I'm proud to be a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a wife and mother of three, and we seem to always have another 'adopted daughter' in our midst, which we love. I'm a cancer survivor since 2007. It's been our most trying of times. I have many things I love to do, including scrapbooking, reading, and now writing, along with photography, watching movies, and once-upon-a-time loved singing and playing the piano, but those talents have left me from disuse. I was a diligent student and graduated from college. I worked hard and was happy to meet and marry my best friend. I still have many hopes and dreams, foremost of which is to raise my children as God-honoring, happy, contented, hard-working and productive adults. In addition to my testimony, my family is my greatest treasure. I wish to accomplish so much in life, but know that, day-by-day, the most important work is being accomplished—that of raising my family. I am now a published author of The Huntington Saga Series Novels. Writing has become more difficult as I am home schooling my youngest, but it has been worth it to watch him learn and grow and to be a part of that experience. We have so many options available to us in how to live fulfilling lives, honoring our Father in heaven. Our children must come first, I believe, in raising up a new generation of God-believing people. Our Father will always guide our decisions if we ask. Of course, sometimes we must study it out and then make the best decision possible before we see that the trial of faith was answered.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm still a Mormon because I believe what I've been taught. I believe in personal prayer and the great spiritual experience it is to have the Holy Spirit come over me and testify in such a personal way that I cannot refute its witness. The teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ are true. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. I have asked, and I have been told, through the Spirit, that these things are true. I've had no reason to doubt it with this personal witness of the Spirit. I know that I have a loving Father in Heaven who is interested in my life, who has my 'picture on His nightstand', so-to-speak, who is hoping, too, that I will 'wish' to come home to Him. I know that His Son, my Savior, Jesus Christ, is my Redeemer from sin and anguish, from trials of this life. He is my Conqueror and my Savior in every way. His tender mercies are sought by me over and over as I struggle through this life's journey. It's hard. It's difficult. But I would rather have the guidance from heaven above than to try and muddle through it all without this heavenly help. I know that the young boy prophet, Joseph Smith, in his goodness and cleanliness of spirit opened the windows of heaven upon himself because of an honest, humble prayer to know and understand the scripture which read, "If any of ye lack wisdom, let him ask of God..." This young, innocent boy did just that: He asked God for himself and got an answer! And we each can have an answer to our prayers, too. I know this from my own experiences in life. Yes, we may have to work hard at finding those answers and asking the right questions, but those answers are forthcoming if we are true and honest in seeking them. I know that God loves His children here upon this earth and is very concerned about each individual. Seek Him out as I have. We are each worth saving. Of that, I am a witness. I hope for all our best happiness, in this life and in the next to come.

How I live my faith

I grew up as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and believed what my parents taught me, most especially, of spiritual things. Being one of nine children, I saw that my parents were busy, but not so busy that they didn’t take the time to teach us the importance of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I grew to know that I had a loving Heavenly Father watching me learn and grow who had a vested interest in my choices and outcome. I grew to know that I had a loving Savior who died for me that I might live again, who wanted me back with Him and our Father. My parents were converts and had grown testimonies that were strong and sweet. They have lived their beliefs well. I've always been grateful for their good examples and testimonies that I have come to rely upon until I had gained a testimony for myself. I have been especially grateful for my testimony over these last few years of illness. My beliefs have truly been tried & tested beyond what I thought I was able to bear. If I had not had a determined trust in God and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and a steadfast certainty that all would be made right, I sadly believe that I might have waffled in my beliefs and given in to the desperate feelings of hopeless despair that come with illness and lost dreams. I am ever so grateful for the constant love and patience shown me by a devoted heavenly parent who squelched my doubts and fears, turning them, instead, to faith, hope, & strength. I have laid hold of His promises and will never let go. Now, as parents of our own sweet children, my dear husband and I strive to raise them to rely upon the words of God to guide them in this mortal experience. Pleasant or not, it is essential for our learning and growth. Having a living prophet of God on earth for these last days has been a tremendous blessing along with scriptures and church meetings. Our gospel education has been crucial in helping to have a gospel-oriented home in these wicked days before Christ's return.